How to Put Your Business on the Forefront in 2020

The retail environment is constantly changing. It was the thing of the past when a game-changing seismic idea took years to be developed. Changes are taking place quickly and from all angles and force the distributors to stay updated with trends, patterns, and behaviors. Relaxing in your laurels can be extremely harmful to your company in such a competitive and cutthroat sector. While it is evident that brands that thrive are agile and adaptable, maintaining them can be stressful enough for many distributors.

Thus, it’s not a wonder that mobile advertising is anticipated to make 70-75% of all US digital ad spending by 2019, according to a report. In the meantime, app-to-people messages (A2P) are also predicted to rise from $60 billion this year to $80 million in 2022, which is the most common way used by companies to send bulk SMS to their customers.

The importance of a strong mobile strategy cannot be overestimated in 2020. And it's obvious! But how can you guarantee, rather than suffer, that your retail business benefits from mobile phones?

Create Highly Optimized Website

Mobile and tablet Internet usage today is more than desktop usage and makes up more than 52% of the world's Internet consumption. Consequently, your website must be optimized to capture this growing group of customers.

If not a convincing reason, consider the Google which is the world's leading search engine, claims that 65% of customers will probably be able to go back to a mobile website as they had trouble accessing, and remaining 35% will continue to access a competitor's website. So, if your website has a slow speed, it is unlikely that your customers will even wait for your website to be loaded.

Do Use SMS Technology

Mobile phones offer customers a private and direct channel. Approx. 90% to 92% of adults are currently using smartphones across the world, according to an online source. This provides retailers with a unique chance to connect with shoppers and impact them. SMS technology, without a doubt, is the most efficacious ways of using mobile devices.

With studies that show the average SMS open rate is 97% to 99% with a response rate of 40% to 45%, making an SMS unique in terms of the open and commitment rates. Below are a number of ways that your retail company can use SMS and text messaging technology to lead the chart in 2020.

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

Customers like to hear about offers, deals, coupons, and instant discounts. And the majority of these clients prefer to obtain these deals, offers, and discounts via an SMS. The study article also demonstrates that more than 70% of Millennials prefer SMS messages for news and promotions and whereas approx. 80% are in favor of businesses using text messages. If your mobile strategy doesn't presently include bulk SMS marketing, this year could be your high time to get started.

  • Deals and Coupons

One of the major benefits of SMS is that distributors provide their customers with targeted messages regardless of where they are. In terms of coupons and unique phone deals, these can be especially useful. Without needing to print or carry, customer can quickly and easily use coupons to save bucks. Maybe that explains why SMS coupons see a buying level of 1000% greater as compared to print coupons, according to the reports.

Email Campaigns Integration with SMS

E-mail marketing continues to be a common and commonly used instrument for companies that enable marketers to send behavior-based, relevant and targeted messages to subscribers and customers. The channel, however, is as useful as e-mail communication but it is facing some challenges. The open e-mail rates usually fall in between the range of 20% to 25%, leaving some sellers a little bit underwhelmed.

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