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How to Transfer Files Easily

Updated: Jul 23

If you have many electronic devices to support your activities, then you must have been faced with a situation where you have to transfer a file from another device to another device. Whether it's photos, videos, audio files, documents, and many others. For that, you must know how to transfer files.

For transferring files, there are lots of platforms or media that you can use to help you so that these needs can be easily implemented. By using several platforms such as Gdrive or iCloud, you can even synchronize files on one device with other devices you have. The rest, see the various ways on how to transfer files below.

What is The Fastest Way to Transfer Files?

how to transfer files

Although there are many ways that can be done and also platforms that support the transfer of files, one of the fastest ways is to use storage that can synchronize with other devices connected to the device.

Examples are Google Drive or iCloud. By using these two platforms, you only need to upload the files you want to share into your Drive or iCloud account, then the files will also appear on other devices immediately.

Not only that, the files you upload can also last a long time in the storage folder. So, you can use this as a backup for your personal storage or important files.

In addition to using these two platforms, using the sharing feature that has been provided directly from your device provider is also one of the easiest ways.

For example, Apple product users are equipped with an airdrop feature that allows you to send multiple files in a very fast time. Or if you use Android, especially Samsung, there is a nearby sharing feature that makes it easy for you to share files with other Samsung users or other Samsung devices.

How Do I Transfer Files from One Computer to Another?

Because computers are usually not equipped with Bluetooth technology or wireless sharing technology from their devices, you can use G-Drives, iCloud, or external storage to transfer from one computer to another.

You can see on Youtube there are many tutorials on how to transfer files using an external backup such as a USB or hard disk. So, you can move the files to an external backup first, then you can move the files that are already in the external backup to another computer.

What is The Safest Way to Transfer Files?

While you are figuring out how to transfer files, you should also know how to do it safely. Currently, there are many file sharing platforms that have leaked client files or users. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to use platforms that are already legit and have been proven safe.

In addition, you can also use external storage such as USB or hard disks which is safe and free from viruses. Don't just use external storage to move files from unknown devices, because it could be that the device has been infected with a virus.

You can first determine whether the external storage you are using is infected with a virus or not by using a virus scanner or blocker that are available on the internet.

How Do I Transfer Files Between Computers using USB?

There are still many people who still don't know how to transfer files using USB easily. In fact, the steps are very simple and easy to do.

To transfer files using USH or any external storage, you can first plug in the storage to an available slot on your computer. Wait until there is a notification that the device is connected to storage, it usually appears in the form of a pop up window.

After that, open the internal storage, select the files you want to send, and just drag them to the UB folder or external storage that can be seen in your files.

If you want to keep the original files on your internal storage, you can copy them instead of dragging them to a USB folder. If the transfer process is complete, then you can plug out the USB from your computer.

That was a brief discussion on how to easily transfer files using several platforms such as Drive, iCloud, and also external storage such as USB. Also check out other technology tips on our website.

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