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One of The Most Recommended Interceptor Machine, HT 70

The interceptor tool is a very useful tool in the world of advertising or marketing, especially for SMS marketing. This tool is specifically designed to be able to send promotional messages to many people in a short time. One of the most recommended and suitable interceptor tools for business needs is the HT 70 or what is usually referred to as Hitech Terminal 70.

HT 70 is an SMS broadcaster machine that can send the SMS message you want to many people in a very short time and can even reach a fairly far radius. Check out various discussions about specifications, reviews, and also other general information about this tool below.

What is an SMS Broadcaster in SMS Marketing?

You may only be familiar with SMS marketing. As the name implies, SMS marketing or sometimes also referred as bulk messaging is a type of marketing that uses the SMS platform to spread information about the products or services offered by a business in order to attract customers. SMS marketing is widely used by various businesses in the world, ranging from small to large.

Have you ever not received an SMS containing a promotional message or brief information about discounts, products, or services from a company? This is what is known as SMS marketing.

To send this SMS, businesses must use a special machine called an SMS broadcaster. SMS broadcaster is one of the tools that are included as interceptor devices, the way it works is by intercepting the existing signal network to launch its action.

This machine is an alternative that makes it very easy for businesses to spread their SMS messages. Imagine if they had to distribute SMS one by one and choose the contacts of the people who would be their targets, of course it would be very tiring, wouldn't it?

With an SMS broadcaster machine like the HT 70, they no longer need to be tired of sending SMS manually. Just specify the message you want to spread and place the machine to the target location, then the message will be sent in a short time.

The General Review on Hitech Terminal Machine

As previously mentioned before, HT 70 is also known as Hitech Terminal 70. Hitech Terminal is one of the most well-known brands of interceptor machines and is often used for all SMS marketing needs. This tool can be used for business purposes, information, even for large government agencies that want to convey information in a short time.

There is no doubt about the quality of products from Hitech Terminal. Being one of the best in their class with their quality and specification, Hitech Terminal machines are highly sought after and very popular in the interceptor device market.

Tools from Hitech Terminal can also be found in various countries and can be obtained very easily. You can look for various offline and online electronic stores that specialize in selling interceptor devices.

Apart from HT 70, there are also various other Hitech Terminal products that are popular in the community such as Hitech Terminal Mini, Hitech Terminal Enterprise Auto, Hitech Terminal Enterprise One, and many others.

Specifications of HT 70


The HT 70 has unquestionable specifications. This tool can send SMS containing up to 70 characters with a speed of 20,000 SMS per hour. So in just a few hours, you can capture tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

Not only that, the HT 70 can also send SMS to targets with a radius of 300m to 2 km from the device. Because this tool is location based, you can move this tool around so that your marketing can be maximized.

With car support features, built in wifi, ability to perform unlimited tasks, and an unlocked sender number, this tool is one of the interceptor devices you can choose for your SMS marketing needs. For only $3,750.00, this interceptor can be yours.

SMS marketing is one of the most effective and popular marketing methods today. Use HT 70 to run your SMS marketing to the fullest. Purchase the HT 70 and read more detailed specifications about this interceptor here.

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