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IMSI Catcher, a Tool That Can Eavesdrop and Track Your Phone Call

You must have watched a detective-themed film full of sophisticated tools. Surely you've seen a tool that can be used to intercept and eavesdrop on other people's call conversations over the telephone network, right? It turns out that the tool is present in the real world. This tool is called IMSI Catcher, see the following explanations for more information.

What is IMSI Catcher Technology?

In short, IMSI Catcher is a tool or machine that functions to eavesdropping phone call conversations, retrieves data from smartphones, even the contents of text messages, and also tracks the location of netted smartphones with the connection of this tool. This tool is a very powerful tool and has a very important role.

Usually, this tool is only used for important government purposes or important people related to security and things that are very crucial.

One of the bodies that have the power to use this tool are regulatory bodies such as the police and also detectives such as the FBI who have special interests so that they are given a privilege to be able to use this tool legally.