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IMSI Catcher, a Tool That Can Eavesdrop and Track Your Phone Call

You must have watched a detective-themed film full of sophisticated tools. Surely you've seen a tool that can be used to intercept and eavesdrop on other people's call conversations over the telephone network, right? It turns out that the tool is present in the real world. This tool is called IMSI Catcher, see the following explanations for more information.

What is IMSI Catcher Technology?

In short, IMSI Catcher is a tool or machine that functions to eavesdropping phone call conversations, retrieves data from smartphones, even the contents of text messages, and also tracks the location of netted smartphones with the connection of this tool. This tool is a very powerful tool and has a very important role.

Usually, this tool is only used for important government purposes or important people related to security and things that are very crucial.

One of the bodies that have the power to use this tool are regulatory bodies such as the police and also detectives such as the FBI who have special interests so that they are given a privilege to be able to use this tool legally.

How IMSI Catcher Works?

This tool works by mimicking a mobile tower that transmits and connects the network. So that this tool will later act as a fake mobile tower where smartphones that are around this tool will usually be directly connected automatically.

When a smartphone is connected to the IMSI catcher, the person behind the catcher's control can view and extract the data they want from the smartphone. The data that is usually sought after is the history of phone calls and also the contents of text messages.

The connected smartphone does not need to download the app or do verification work, this catcher will immediately be able to view and retrieve data from the smartphone.

The people behind the control of this catcher can download and extract the data they want from your smartphone. A pretty terrible tool if not used properly.

IMSI Catcher
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Are IMSI Catchers Legal?

The people who can usually use this tool are only important people who have special interests and not personal people who are just for fun. The use of IMSI catchers by state security authorities as well as other regulatory agencies is legal in the US.

Police and other state security agencies have confirmed that they have been using this technology since the 90s to catch criminals and also uncover serious criminal syndicates.

You may ask "Are IMSI catchers legal UK?". The answer is not known with certainty. The British police and other state security agencies have not issued an official statement regarding the use of this technology.

So there is no clear information about whether the British police and other security agencies use this technology to carry out their goals or whether this tool is legal to use.

How to Make IMSI

Due to the extraordinary advances in technology, today there are many people who have succeeded in making this technology themselves from limited materials. You can make catcher technology even with only used electronic devices such as old cell phones.

IMSI Catcher
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But of course, how to make this technology requires special skills and is also not easy. To be able to make your own catcher, you must master the science of coding so that the catcher you make can work later.

If you are curious about how you can make your own IMSI catcher, then you can look it up on the internet for more comprehensive information. In fact, there are already lots of video tutorials on YouTube that will teach you step by step how to build your own catcher with minimal capital.

But you should keep in mind that there are many limitations of IMSI use if you make your own catcher instead of getting this technology from an official source and also obtaining the official rights to use it.

In some countries, there is still no clear regulation that explains whether the creation and use of personal IMSI is permissible or not. If you have your own IMSI catcher, then remember to use this very powerful tool wisely and not harm other people.

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