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The Introduction of IMSI Catcher Detector

IMSI Catcher Detector is a tool that functions to capture and also detect IMSI numbers around the device, as the name implies. This tool is one of the most useful and most sought after tools for advertising and other needs. See further explanation here.

What is IMSI Catcher Detector?

As previously mentioned, the IMSI catcher detector is a very useful tool for detecting IMSI numbers for various purposes. IMSI number stands for International Mobile Security number. The IMSI number is a unique series of numbers that identifies each user of a network.

This number will be very useful for contacting someone or a device that is connected to a network. The IMSI catcher detector can detect various IMSI numbers in the vicinity by intercepting a number of signals connected between the local transmitter and various devices connected to the device.

Basically, this IMSI catcher will mimic how the transmitter works by acting as an intermediary between the transmitter connection and various devices. After this tool has succeeded in intercepting a connection, this tool can get information on any device and also all identity numbers connected to the connection from the transmitter.

IMSI Catcher Detector
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Are IMSI Catchers Illegal?

IMSI catcher detector is a legal tool and can be obtained by the general public very easily in the market. Today, you can find this tool in various places and in various ways.

Usually, people prefer to buy these catchers and detectors through online marketplaces, because they are easier to find and have more choices.

This tool was previously only devoted to essential needs and could only be used by authorized parties such as the police or government agencies. In the past, getting an IMSI catcher or detector was also quite difficult.

But over time this tool has begun to be used a message for public needs and can be obtained very easily. Although this tool has been declared a legal tool, there are still restrictions and rules that must be obeyed by the owner. Each country usually has different rules for current use or ownership.

What Can You Do With An IMSI Catcher?

There are a lot of things that you can do with an IMSI catcher detector. This tool can detect the IMSI number of other devices that can be used for other purposes. One of the most common uses of this tool is to use it to retrieve lost devices.

If someone knows the IMSI number of the lost device, that person can find the device again with this IMSI catcher.

The IMSI catcher or detector will act like a radar that will detect the presence of an IMSI number around. The owner just needs to make sure whether the IMSI number of the device being sought is detected by the IMSI catcher or detector.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

There are many price levels offered in the market for an IMSI detector or catcher. The price of a catcher is usually determined by the brand, quality, and also the specifications of the catcher.

The more famous the brand, the higher the specifications, the more expensive the catcher will be. Typically, you can find IMSI catcher detector that are offered in prices ranging from $1,000 to over $10,000.

What is The Range of An IMSI Catcher?

There are many types of range that people use to distinguish the different types of IMSI catchers. People usually distinguish IMSI catcher from its specifications, how it works, size, and various other ranges.

However, one of the common groups that people often use to distinguish one IMSI catcher from another is to group this tool into a multifunction or one function catcher.

IMSI Catcher Detector
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The multifunctional IMSI catcher is one of the most popular and sought after tools by many people. This multifunction type means that the IMSI catcher can not only capture the IMSI number, but also the phone number, IMEI number, and various data from the intercepted phone.

On the other hand, there is a one function IMSI catcher that can only be used to capture IMSI numbers.

Is IMSI and IMEI The Same?

No, IMSI and IMEI numbers are different. The IMSI number is the number that the provider uses to identify a SIM device from a network. While the IMEI number is the number used to identify a phone that is connected to a network.

IMSI catcher detector is a tool that you can use for various purposes. You can find this tool on various platforms, especially on our website.

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