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3 Severals Topics of IMSI Catcher In Communication Technology

Smartphones which are claimed to have various data security and privacy features of IMSI Catcher can still be bypassed by the security system. This means the data could be leaked which is a bad thing. In this context, how to detect communication security is discussed.

Are IMSI Catchers Illegal?

Telephone sound or wiretapping is that the observance of phone and web conversations by a 3rd party, usually applied by covert agents, suggests that. Phone conversations are also recorded or monitored on the side, either by a 3rd party while not the data of the intercepted party, or recorded by one among the parties creating the telephone.

Telephone tapping is strictly controlled and generally prohibited for privacy reasons, but it can also be legalized for certain reasons, according to the applicable laws of the country in question.

IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity, which means it's an internationally distinctive 15-digit code identity accustomed to determine users on a GSM network.

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