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How to Know Your Own IMSI Number of SIM

The IMSI number is an important identification number that you should know. This number can be used to identify various information about your cell phone. The following is some information you should know about the IMSI Number of SIM and also how to find out.

How Do I Find My SIM IMSI Number?

Lots of people are confused about how to find out the IMSI number of SIM they have. In fact, you can find out your IMSI number very easily. You can get information about your IMSI number in your phone settings.

This IMSI number is a unique number, where every cell phone must have its own IMSI number. The following are some steps you can take to find out your IMSI number:

  • Open settings on your phone.

  • Scroll until you find the "About" option, then select it.

  • After that, you usually will be immediately presented with various information about your phone. Starting from the type of HP to the IMSI number.

  • Write down or remember the number so you can use it if needed.

IMSI Number of SIM
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These are the easy steps that can be done by anyone in a short time. The main key is that you must still have access to the phone. If your phone is lost and you want to find the IMSI number, then it will be very difficult to do.

Is IMSI The Same As SIM?

Some people think that IMSI and SIM card number are the same thing. But actually, the IMSI number and also the SIM card number are 2 different types of numbers. Even though both numbers are used as identities on cell phones, the two numbers represent different things.

This IMSI number is a serial number that is used to identify a cell phone from another cell phone. Usually this IMSI number will immediately appear in the connection detector that is connected to a cell phone.

On the other hand, according to the name, the SIM number is the number used to identify your SIM card. This SIM card is a card that is used to store various information. Usually the number listed on the SIM card is referred to as ICCID.

So from now on, you must have known that these two numbers are 2 different numbers, although many people like to call the IMSI number of SIM as the same thing.

Is The IMSI The Phone Number?

The answer is no. The IMSI number is a different serial number from the phone number. The phone number is the number on your network's private card that is used to contact you via the GSM connection network.

Phone numbers can change according to the phone card you use. So even if you use only 1 cell phone device, you can change the phone number you have.

On the other hand, the IMSI number is the identity number of your cell phone. So this number cannot be changed unless you use another device. Even if you replace the smartphone parts, change the phone number, this IMSI number will stay the same.

Therefore, you no longer need to ask "Does IMSI change with SIM?", because these two things are different things. The SIM number can always change, but the IMSI number does not change.

IMSI Number of SIM
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As previously mentioned briefly. This IMSI number is an identity number that is used to represent a cell phone.

All cell phones definitely have their own IMSI number which is different from other cell phones. This IMSI number can be used for various purposes, one of which is tracking the cell phone itself.

So if your cell phone is lost later, you can use this IMSI number to get your cell phone back by tracking the IMSI number of the cell phone. Because of this, it is important for you to know your own IMSI number.

IMSI number of SIM is an important number that you must remember. This number can help to know the identity of your cell phone at any time your cell phone is lost or has problems. But you also have to be careful, don't give this IMSI number to strangers.

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