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Performing IMSI Number Tracking: Functions, Concerns, and Device Recommendation

In many security issues, particularly involving public order, IMSI Number Tracking becomes a common practice. This activity becomes more popular as most people carry a mobile device in their day-to-day lives. The authority can garner information by accessing personal mobile numbers.

The Functions of IMSI Tracking

As a phone user, you might be wondering: what can someone do with my imsi number? There are some things that people can achieve when they manage to track IMSI numbers, including:

1. Pinpointing User's Location

With an IMSI, the hacker will be able to pinpoint the user's location. It is because the tracker and IMSI use the GPS. Although the accuracy might vary depending on the tracking device, at least the tracked location will be close to the actual location.

2. Blocking Calls

A person who has a catcher app can block calls from and to mobile devices with known IMSI numbers. In security matters, this is very important because it basically cuts the user's access to the outside world. That way they cannot execute their plan.

3. Blocking Messages

Additionally, with IMSI Number Tracking, a user is able to block messages coming in and out of certain mobile devices. This feature is very useful as text messages are often used by targets. An interceptor can even broadcast fake messages.

IMSI Number Tracking
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4. Hijacking the Device's Data

Another thing that can be done to a known IMSI number is hijacking phone data. They can extract data out of sim cards and even the internal phone storage with just a few clicks on the computer. Thus, the numbers are rarely shared by mobile companies.

IMSI Number Tracking is a reliable method for espionage. However, people can change their numbers frequently. Every time they change SIM card, there will be a new IMSI number to track. Therefore, people need to act fast to identify the new IMSI.

Tracking the Number

Many people are proposing this question: can you track an imsi number? The answer is, yes. You can track an IMSI number with a tracking device built to do that work. These tracking devices can perform the aforementioned functions.

Basically, the tracking device works like a mobile company's tower. It transmits signals that may confuse the IMSI numbers within a certain area so that they connect with the device instead of the real tower. That way, the hijacking begins.

A tracking device like this, including stringray phone tracker, has several concerns in its usage, though. Here are some of concerning things about the use of this device in tracking IMSI numbers:

● It is an invasion of privacy to the phone users.

● In a country where the constitution protects citizen's freedom of choice, it might possess legal issues.

● The public feels unsafe knowing the existence of such device.

IMSI Number Tracking might lead to criminal activities if misused by irresponsible parties.

In addition to IMSI, there is also an IMEI. This number specifically refers to a specific device. Even if users change their phone numbers, the IMEI remains. In a dire situation, IMEI tracking provides more accuracy, although it is more difficult to perform.

So, how can i track my imei number? In a lost device situation, you can use Google Find My Device. You do not need to memorize the number. Its utilization is possible if the user logs into their Google account with their device.

IMSI Number Tracking
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Product Analysis: Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands

In this part, we will be reviewing a product meant to perform IMSI Number Tracking. This Hitech device is more commonly used for message broadcasting. It is a pivotal device in marketing, not only for security purposes.

Here are the specs of this device:

● The outreach ranges from 300 meters to 2 kilometers radius.

● A text message can contain 600 characters.

● Every hour, the device can send up to 20,000 texts.

● It can perform up to ten tasks at one period.

● It has built-in Wi-Fi.

● The device is highly movable.

● It enables users to send messages to 2 different GSM at the same time.

● It can capture IMSI and IMEI numbers within the radius.

This device is quite pricey, but it is an investment that is pivotal to make. Of course, you can use a tracker online to do tracking. That method is not reliable, though. It also takes a lot of time to perform.

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