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Best 4 Intelligent Device In The World Of Intelligence

The job of being a spy or intelligence officer is not easy. Its whereabouts are as much as possible unknown to anyone, including the enemy. That's why some of the spies in the world have multiple identities, to trick their targets, especially by using Intelligent Device.

What Are Some Examples of Intelligent Devices?

The world of intelligence is now growing rapidly. It used to be human-centered. Now the world of absolute intelligence is supported by technological sophistication. The Intelligent Device for every spy has many kinds of shapes.

Well, all spies are provided with sophisticated equipment to support the work. Not many people know about this equipment. Even though the equipment is similar to the technology that is often used by the community. These are the sophisticated tools of world Intelligent Device compiled from various sources:

Intelligent device
Pict from pixabay

1. Spy Glasses

Not only as eye protection from the sun, but these glasses also have a camera lens with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and also a small remote control. Its function is to capture the face of someone who is the target.

The trick is to put the remote in your pants pocket. Then the remote is pressed to take a picture. The spies will also not worry when using this tool. Because the glasses used are similar to slang glasses, and no one will suspect.

2. Drones

Many people have used this Intelligent Device for spying. This drone is equipped with a surveillance camera, four propellers, and also a remote control as well as a smartphone.

3. Mini camera

This is an Intelligent Device tool in the form of a car key ring that can record the situation with a resolution of 640 x 480.

Apart from recording, this tool can also take photos secretly up to a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. Inside there is an internal memory of 4GB while the size is 170 x 160 x 40 mm.

4. Video pen camera

This pen as an Intelligent Device cannot only be used for writing but can also be used to take pictures or videos. This pen can be used to record images in AVI format and can be connected to a computer or laptop using the USB port.

What is The Intelligence Device And Its Names?

An Intelligent Device is a technological work that works interactively and automatically and is able to provide a solution to everyday problems. Meanwhile, the embedded system is hardware that works based on orders from the software and is designed to have a specific purpose and function.

By combining the expected concept of intelligent and embedded systems, it can create a complex system that has good quality. Equipped with a good interface and the use of sensors as input of the state of the environment. Intelligent Device can work efficiently and provide great benefits to the environment and society.

Intelligent Device includes a signal jammer, an anti-tapping Handie Talkie, and a finder. The jammer works to scramble signals to improve security standards from criminal acts that use frequency signals such as bombs, wiretapping, and data theft.

Intelligent device
Pict from pixabay

Which Network Device is Intelligent?

The intelligent network device using a router. A router is a hardware on a computer network that serves to connect several networks, be it the same network or a different network in terms of technology.

In another sense, a router is also interpreted as a computer network hardware that functions to send data packets through a network or internet from one computer device to another, the process is called routing devices examples.

Which operating system is used in intelligent devices? Well, the main function of each router is to connect two or more networks in order to distribute data packets from one network to another. But in full, the router's function is also to distribute IP addresses to every computer on the network.

The router is either statically to transmit information or data from one network to another and to connect a local network with a DSL connection. Routers can be grouped into several types.

However, the types of the router can be categorized into two groups, namely the type of router based on the mechanism and the router based on its application. Routers are non-intelligent devices.

Intelligent Device should concern about data security issues. If your browser is not protected with antivirus and other protection, then there will be a greater chance for your browser to be attacked by viruses that are spread by irresponsible parties.

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