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Using Interceptor Device to Track Someone

In the era of analog systems, call interception was just a simple radio-scanning exercise. Now, the GSM and other digital systems are more secure and have complexity and encryption that make them more difficult to overcome by the interceptor device.

Now, mobile phone interceptor needs a more professional approach that involves the best equipment. Various types of interceptors are now available, such as semi-active interceptors, passive interceptors, IMSI catchers, hybrid interceptors, and so on.

Various Types of Interception Devices

Today, interception device comes in a lot of types so that the government and intelligence agency can choose the right one depending on their needs. Below are the different types of interception devices you may want to know.

interceptor device

Passive interceptor

A passive interceptor has no transmitting parts at all and will not interfere with mobile phones and GSM networks. The operation of interceptors is undetectable so that the one you intercept will not realize what happens. Most passive interceptor systems are using wideband passive interception technology.

This technology will cover the whole radio spectrum and will automatically decode and analyze the exchanges of signals. This means the passive interceptor device will handle simultaneous communications and mobile phones more than the one that has narrowband receivers.

Semi-active interceptor

Some brands offer semi-active interception devices that are going to intercept communications between the mobile handset and the base station. The interception process is using the man-in-the-middle principle. The system is going to emulate the BTS of the service provider.

It will then force the mobile phones within the BTS coverage range to log on to the semi-active interception device. Communications including SMS and voice of the mobile phones will be logged onto the semi-active interception and the communications will be recorded.

Hybrid interceptor device

This device is a combination of semi-active and passive interception systems. The device will have the features of both systems. It is going to help the police and law enforcement authorities to manage and analyze cellular communications that are being intercepted.

With this device, the government will be able to recognize criminals and terrorists. Criminals and terrorists are using mobile phones to communicate with others. The hybrid system is combining the features of two other interceptors that make it undetected during its normal operations.

IMSI catcher

This is another interceptor that is going to track the location of a mobile phone. This interceptor comes in various models and each model offers different features and functions. One of them can only track the location of mobile phones while some other can even track the messaging app on the phones.

Usually, intelligence agencies and law enforcement use this interceptor device to detect protests, terrorism, and criminals. They can even use the device to prevent those bad things from happening. With the IMSI catcher, governments can even manipulate messages on target mobile phones.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

The TSCM is using equipment, techniques, and services that will help the system locate, identify, and also neutralize various technical surveillance activities like bugging, wiretapping, eavesdropping, and so on. The TSCM must be a part of the protection strategy.

Those who have a stake in outsmarting these concerns include facility security, telecommunications, and also the information asset protection department within the organization. A building can be a target of the TSCM if it has some specific physical characteristics.

If the building has poor access control designs, shared or common ducts, inadequate soundproofing, and also space above the false ceiling, the TSCM intercept device can get access to surveillance of the building.

Hitech Interceptor

This is a device that is designed for military, police, and intelligence agent services who have official permits. Those authorities can use the interceptor to monitor, prevent, and even catch terrorists and criminals. With this device, the authorities can prevent crimes from happening.

This device can also work as the direction finder the authorities can use to catch their target quickly and instantly. Hitech Interceptor comes with a bunch of benefits. This device is a portable device that has one box and one antenna. The authorities can install it easily anywhere they want.

The authorities can even use this device in the car or inside the apartment next to the targets. it also has a user-friendly user interface that is going to ease the authorities in using the interceptor device from SMS Broadcaster.

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