It Can Be More Effective To Use Mobile SMS Marketing In Conjunction With Email

In the modern business world, there are a plethora of marketing options available for marketers today. New digital marketing tools and services have taken advertising to the whole new level so much so that every business can easily afford marketing campaigns and get amazing, noticeable results, no matter if it's a small company, large corporation, or even a startup organization.

Unlike traditional marketing channels – including, print, broadcast, telephone, and direct mail, the digital marketing options are not limited ones and also doesn’t cost a fortune. One essential element of modern digital marketing, that’s quickly turning into one of the most effective ways to immediately connect with customers, is mobile text marketing, also referred to as SMS marketing.

While you may not think of it as useful, but integrating mobile text marketing with other marketing activities is one thing you can surely try. Since everyone carries a smartphone with them and they are much more accessible and reachable than ever, you can expect to see great results for your business.

Combine SMS marketing with your email strategy to strike a better balance

Mobile SMS marketing and email marketing are, by approach and comparison, quite different techniques. There are, however, certain similarities between these two which encourage the marketers to combine them and use them simultaneously in order to send the right promotional messages to the target recipients at the right time, in the right place.

Interestingly, both channels offer two-communication and engaging your potential customers becomes much better, increasing the chances of getting them interested in your product or service in the process.

When you send emails, make sure they are used for delivering more detailed information. On the other hand, text SMS messages should be sent to remind people about the appointment (if you’re in the medical industry) or alert them about the last minute deals or discount offers. Further, you can adequately employ email and SMS messages into your strategy to help buyers during different stages of their buying process, convert them into sales, and increase your ROI (return on investment).

There’s something about text messages

Text messages work immediately because they are delivered instantly and directly. When you blast SMS messages to your audiences, their phone lights up, alerts them, and catches their attention. Even when there is no instant pick up, you’re sure that your current customers and potential prospects will read your message by the end of an eventful day. Most mobile phones would, in fact, continue reminding their users about an incoming SMS until it gets opened. This is amazing because it’s sort of a thing that can simply be turned to your business advantage.

Furthermore, text messages don’t get blocked by any spam filter or marked as spam, something you have to face when doing email marketing. When you send an SMS to mobile devices, the owners of the phones would not be required to uncheck a text message as spam, because there is no spam folder in mobile phones and a message is delivered straight to the inbox, increasing the likelihood of your messages being received and read. However, the have will only be effective if you add value in them and adjust them according to the buyer persona with a clear call to action.

Conversion rate is high and you’ll also be able to reach more people

SMS messages boast the highest response rate among all marketing channel, which is up to 98%. Not only due to sensational open rate, but SMS messages also convert because they are short and sweet, simple and non-intrusive, and include easy-to-understand content.

Text messaging provides your company with a greater reach as well. By investing in the latest technology SMS broadcast system, you'll be able to send your promotions to thousands of people instantly, which means greater opportunities for conversions.

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