It’s Mobile Marketing Time - And This Time, It’s Personal

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Have you ever left your smartphone unattended in a place or room with your friends or better half? If yes, then you would acknowledge the fact that we all fear the worst for no reason but for one thing – they might have looked through our mobile phone while we have gotten far from that place or home. It happens even if we don’t have anything to hide because mobile phones have become very similar to owning a personal diary. Those days are over when you used to use your favorite pen to write a diary entry, thanks to the portable memory mapping via mobile devices.

The use of smartphone has made everything more personal as people use their phones to take photos of their special moments, make videos of family occasions, and sharing those wonderful moments with family and friends while they are on the go. It’s also due to the fact that there are approximately 5 to 6 billion mobile phone devices in the world and almost everyone owns a mobile.

According to recent research, consumers are not using their mobiles only for having communication, taking photos, and do social sharing, but more than 40% to 50% of users have been using their smartphones to research and compare different brands to influence their shopping decisions, along with receiving promotional offers and coupons through SMS text messages.

Mobile marketing has completely changed the game for businesses as well as shoppers, online and in-store. Gone are the days of off-the-cuff text messages, and here are the days of personal marketing; whether location based mobile marketing or mass notification.

If you have not carefully thought about your words, your promotional message is not going to work. With that 160 characters limit in the content (that’s not true with our Hitech Terminal, however, that allows up to 1200 characters in one SMS), you have very less to deal with, focusing on relevance, keywords, and call to action.

Statistics show that approximately 60% to 65% of the customers are involved in communication with up to ten brands in a calendar month, and out of them, about 45% of the consumers who receive promotions and texts from these brands do not find them as meaningful and valuable.

If you’re going to market your practice, you need to realize these barriers and add a personal touch to your mobile interaction. But how can you add a dash of personalization to your mobile marketing without failing and doing badly?

Avoid the Spam Pitfalls

Before you send messages to the phones of the consumers, make sure you have a database of people who have explicitly opted-in your list. This database will help you add personalization in your marketing strategies. If your campaign does not include an opt-in and you’re sending random messages to people you have never interacted with them before, they might think of your message, send in good faith by you, as spam – and, once a message is labeled as a spam in the reader’s mind, it means the game over for your business relationship.

Send Only the Relevant Information

You cannot afford to transmit pointless and irrelevant information to your clients. If you have got the mobile phone numbers of your customers through opt-ins, subscriptions, or text-to-win contests, then it’s more likely that your customer database includes the key demographics like age, gender, location, and even some shared interests which can be dealt to have the relevancy factor your topmost priority if you are to make your SMS campaign successful.

Add Value In It

Every time you send a text to your customers and potential prospects, it takes a little time out of their busy lives; therefore, you should better be providing them with something that is personal and of value. It all starts with understanding your customers and meeting their expectations.

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