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The Proper Way to Write Landing Page Copywriting

The landing page is the first page that visitors will see when they open your website. This landing page will determine the first impression and also the first thing that is usually most remembered by your viewers from your website. Therefore, you must know how to write good and correct landing page copywriting.

How Do You Write A Copywriting Landing Page?

The information on this landing page must be in the form of important information and also directly describe what you want to convey or present on your website. Essentially, this landing page will be a summary or brief description of your website.

For business websites, this landing page usually contains important information about your company or product.

This landing page is filled with important information because this section is likened as the gateway of your website. All viewers who open or are interested in your website will certainly see this landing page.

Landing Page Copywriting
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To find out how to make the right landing page copywriting, you must first know what information you want to convey on the landing page. Collect various information that you want to present in the form of text on the landing page.

After this information has been collected, you just have to decide how to present the information as briefly and clearly as possible. Here are some tips that you can use when you create landing page copywriting:

  • Use headlines or words that are catchy, interesting, and easy to remember.

  • Convey information briefly, straightforward, but still clear.

  • Add some symbols or pictures to further explain the information from the text.

What Exactly Is A Landing Page?

As the name implies, a landing page is a place where a visitor first lands on your website. When someone is interested and opens your website, this landing page is the first thing that will welcome them to your website.

Most people also refer to the landing page as the home page. However, some websites or blogs also have a separation between the landing page and the home page. In this landing page, visitors will get a brief overview of what they will get on your website.

This landing page is a crucial page because this page will determine whether visitors will be interested in staying on your website or even leaving your website immediately.

Therefore, it is important that you make this page as attractive as possible so that visitors can have the desire to explore your website further. One of the main steps you can take is to create an attractive landing page copywriting.

What Is The Landing Page Called?

This landing page has many other names. Some of them are home page, lead capture page, squeeze page, static page, destination page, and many others.

But you must realize that basically, all the mentions of this landing page describe the function of the landing page itself which can lead people to explore your website further.

What Is Landing Page in SEO?

In SEO, landing pages play an important role in being able to make your website appear in the top rankings of search engines.

Landing page copywriting is not only about how to deliver a message or information well so that it is easy for readers to catch.

In terms of copywriting for the landing page, it is also important for you to pay attention to the SEO requirements when creating the copywriting text that you will use in your landing page.

Landing Page Copywriting
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Is A Landing Page A Homepage?

This landing page is often referred to as the home page. But even so, not all home pages are landing pages and vice versa. The answer to this question is subjective, depending on the website itself.

There are websites that use the home page as their landing page, there are also websites that contain 2 separate pages between the home and landing pages. But because most people use their home page as a landing page, that's why most people start calling these 2 things the same thing.

To create a good landing page, you must create an attractive landing page copywriting so that you can retain or even encourage your visitors to explore your website further.

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