Location-Based SMS Broadcasting

Disaster can strike at any moment; having any information beforehand can be very handy when it comes to life and death situations. Governments cannot trust distress signals or sirens in times like these. Mobile phone penetration among users is highest at this point and sending an SMS should be our way of direct communication with masses. Our SMS Machine called ‘Hi-tech Terminal’ can send anyone an SMS in the radius of 0.5 KM to 5 KM without having to know the phone numbers of the affected. It will send an SMS to everyone in the vicinity of the range.

Hi-Tech Terminal’s mobile capabilities can be fully utilized by installing it in a car and having it move around the earthquake-struck perimeter. It can also be set up as a standalone system in densely populated areas to target as many mobile phones as possible. Hi-Tech’s SMS device is a proven SMS sender that is tested in multiple environments and can act at a frequency that the mobile phones can catch. Our Tsunami SMS warning is currently employed efficaciously in coastal areas, which can result in many lives and livestock saved. Hi-tech capabilities are not just limited to a specific calamity but anything. Earthquakes, typhoons or flash floods can result in many casualties which are easily preventable if an SOS system which can use Location-based SMS advertising to target individuals who are most vulnerable.

Should a deadly disaster, our individuals get a notice message inside 60 seconds from the minute the principle stun is accounted for? Messages are exclusively conveyed to individuals whose area is considered in danger by our calculation. The warning message contains vital information such as earthquake type, magnitude, location, time and threat level. An Average SMS Machine can send approximately 70-1200 Characters enlisting vital information in easily understandable language. It can also target multi-channel displays, such as Tablets and Laptops. This service is 100% Free and can send up to 50,000 an hour. It has an intelligent SMS receiver memory which knows not to resend SMS to the same number. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS support, enabling real-time tracking of units deployed and reinforces all local Telecom providers.

Hi-Tech Terminal offers Multiple and Automatic AFRCN (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number). IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) Caches can be used to track SIM and mobile phones of the deceased as well as rescue.

These services, especially in times of distress, can be vital in lowering mortality rates as well as save assets from decimation.

Another use for this is Targeted Campaign for all private venues and events. It is using Location based SMS advertising. Companies, instead of buying bulk- SMS can target specific locations for better ROI. For example, an Educational Institute can use Hi-Tech’s SMS sender services to target within 5 KM of its premises to increase customer acquisition and lower its marketing costs as Hi-Tech's sophisticated algorithm doesn’t allocate to a single person but to everyone in its range.

Hi-Tech Terminal can be mass deployed or targeted to a specific location. It is all based on the needs and wants of the person or entity. In the present world, mass SMS has demonstrated to be the most valuable and viable advertising medium. Whether it is emergency broadcasting services or Location based advertising, Hi-Tech Terminal enables everyone to be successful, whether it is human capital or ROI on sales funnels. This builds confidence, which results in benefit and perceivability in the market. Governments and agencies can have confidence in Hi-Tech and its algorithm to perform when it is most needed. Hi-Tech is the way to go for all your needs!

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