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The Many Form of Management Approach

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

When leading a business, your team or employees is one of the keys to the success of your business. Business will not be able to run smoothly if the team involved cannot carry out their duties properly and correctly according to the objectives. For that, business people must know how to implement a management approach.

Knowledge for the management approach will be very useful to maximize the company's performance in full. So your business or company can do well because the team's performance is also in line with expectations. For that, know various things about the management approach from the brief discussion below.

What Is Management Approach?

management approach

The term management approach is used to refer to a more structured and systematic approach used to assist individuals, teams and organizations.

This approach will be carried out by applying knowledge, facilities and resources to realize changes from current conditions to new, better conditions effectively and efficiently. This is important to do so that the existing team continues to carry out their duties properly and coordinated as they should.

Usually, this management approach is used to manage the consequences caused by changes in the organization. Whether it's a change in structure, replacement of members, changes in regulations, post conflicts, and many other changes that may occur.

This change cannot be underestimated, as a team, small changes can have a tremendous impact or obstacle in team performance.

Change management is the process, tools, and techniques for managing the people-side of the change process, to achieve the required results, and to bring about change effectively within individuals, teams, and broad systems.

What Are The 5 Management Approaches?

Actually, there are many groups that can be used to classify this management approach. The approach technique taken by the team leader or manager is usually also adjusted according to the person making the approach.

Each manager or team leader must have their own style according to the experience of that person when handling changes in the team. Different knowledge and experience may make these managers use different types of approach according to what they feel is the best approach for their team.

But this time we will briefly discuss the 5 most frequently used and most popular techniques in management appraisal. Here are some of them.

  • Rational-empirical approach

  • Normative-reeducative approach

  • Power-Coercive Approach

  • Environmental-Adaptive Approach

  • Decision Theory Approach-decision making

These five approaches have their own perks and uses, depending on the team's condition and the changes that occur. To handle different change situations, you also need a different approach, depending on what is needed.

Why Changes In Organization or Teams Is So Crucial?

For some of you, you may feel that for changes in your team or organization, you will let your team adapt itself and do not need any appraisal. In fact, it is very important to take a management approach so that you can make these adjustments run faster.

You can analogize the team as a solid thing. There is the slightest change in it, it will definitely be felt by all parts of the team, no exception. For this reason, this change can be disruptive and often disrupts team performance.

Team members who previously worked ideally and productively may be able to change their performance after certain changes. For that, you need to anticipate it by knowing what approaches you can take when these changes occur.

To be a manager or a business owner, you have to be accommodating for your team to be able to work well, and these management approaches will help you do that.


The management approach is something that all business owners or managers must pay attention to to ensure the performance of their team runs well and ideally. This approach can also greatly determine whether the team can be well coordinated to be able to achieve the goals of the business.

Changes in any form in the business or organization and team can affect the performance of the team as a whole, hence meaning that it can also have an effect on the performance of your business.

Therefore, remember and observe carefully the condition of your team when there is a change and apply these various approaches if needed. You can also learn other business related information on our website.

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