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Mega Cloud Storage: One of The Most Recommended Cloud Storage for You

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

If you are looking for cloud storage that you want to use to store your personal documents, then you should consider using Mega cloud storage. This storage is one of the most trusted and safe best storage today. The Mega has become a cloud storage that is used by thousands and even millions of people in the world to store their important files.

Mega storage can be used to store various types of documents. Starting from photos, videos, audio, documents, and many others. You can also use this storage for various devices which makes this brand very widely used. If you are interested, see the following explanation to find out various general information about this storage.

Is Mega Good For Cloud Storage?

mega cloud storage

Yes, as previously mentioned, Mega cloud storage is one of the best cloud storage brands that you can trust with your important files and documents. In this digital world, there are lots of important documents and files that you must keep properly. These documents can be related to the professional world such as your work, or documents related to your personal files.

Both of these file types need to be stored properly, and in order to do that, you need help from cloud storage. Cloud storage essentially will help you to store your files and connect them with different devices. So you can open and save your files from any device you need. Whether it's your smartphone, PC, or laptop.

What Is Mega Cloud Storage Used For?

The Mega cloud storage is perfect to use not only for storing files, but also for sending files securely. Currently, not all platforms in the digital world are secure enough to be used to send confidential files. There are lots of cloud storage or digital platforms that siphon your personal data and documents secretly and eventually cause data leaks.

This of course you should avoid, especially when it comes to your personal data or your confidential and important business documents.

Therefore, the Mega cloud storage can be one of the storage platforms you use to store and send your important files.

Is Mega Better Than Google Drive?

To consider whether the Mega cloud storage is better and recommended than Google Drive is actually a very subjective matter. If you want to get a cloud storage service that is safe, reliable, but has a smaller budget, then you can use Mega storage.

The cost you have to spend to be able to access the premium features provided by Mega is much smaller than the cost you have to pay if you use Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms. To access 1 TB of storage and the costs you have to spend every month, you only need to spend 1.56 euros on Mega storage. Meanwhile, with the same benefits, you have to spend 4.90 euros on Google Drive.

Each platform has its own pluses and minuses, it is up to you to determine which platform you want to use that fits your needs and budget conditions.

Is Mega 50 Gb Free?

If you want to store files in Mega cloud storage but don't want to spend a penny, you can also access the free features provided by this storage. Mega provides 20 GB of free storage for each user.

For those of you who only want to store small documents, then you can use this free feature without having to pay a premium subscription fee every month. 20 GB is a storage capacity that is large enough for your various needs.

This 20 GB of storage can be obtained by anyone who registers an account at Mega storage. One account will get 20 GB for free, so it doesn't matter if you also want to create more than one account, just sign up with your email, then you will automatically get the benefits of this cloud storage.


Mega cloud storage is one of the most trusted and safe storage platforms, which you can consider as one of the storages you use to store your important files. You can use the free feature that gives you 20 GB of free space of storage, or you can also subscribe and expand your storage capacity up to 1 TB per month at a relatively very cheap price.

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