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The Effect, Function and Works of MFJ Doppler direction finder

Two-way communication technology using radio frequency is currently developing rapidly. MFJ Doppler direction finder communication technology is used in various fields of public life, both in general commercial, military and also search and rescue. Based on technological developments, the doppler rdf system has been implemented from time to time following the times.

Doppler Effect For Direction Finder

At first, using a system where the antenna is rotated and then looking at the comparison of signal strength from different directions and several concepts are the same as the electronic version.

Modern systems use stage comparison or MFJ Doppler direction finder techniques which are generally simpler to automate.

If you as a listener are silent and hear a sound from a sound source that is also silent, then the sound we hear will have the same frequency as the sound source. However, the Doppler Effect will occur when the sound source moves towards the listener or vice versa.

For example, when we hear a siren car driving towards us, we will hear the siren sound increasing (pitch or sound frequency is getting higher); then when the car has passed us and is getting further away, the siren sound will be getting smaller (lower pitch).

This is the phenomenon of the Doppler Effect, which is a change in the frequency of the sound produced by a moving sound source.

So you need MFJ Doppler direction finder that is useful for capturing long wave signals. These signals can travel great distances, which makes them useful for long-distance navigation.

MFJ Doppler Direction Finder
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The functions of MFJ Doppler direction finder

Doppler RF direction finder has been used for a long time to overcome the drawbacks of two-way communication and search for transmitters. You need to know the importance of using this tool. Here are the functions of MFJ Doppler direction finder:

1. Optimizing Communication Through Radio

Same frequency and emitted at the same time can make two-way communication disrupted and not optimal. However, the working principle is still using the direct manual method. So, you have to consider the use of radio direction finder kit by using the array of four quarter-wavelength antennas.

2. Determine The Direction of The Frequency Transmitter

The arrangement uses a switching system to activate each antenna. The searched transmitter direction is then displayed in the form accessible graphics.

3. Detecting The Presence of a Radio Transmitter

Doppler is a method that uses the difference in Doppler frequency when using a radio mobile transmitter to determine the discovery of the detector.

How MFJ Doppler Direction Finder Works

Firstly you need to understand that The Radio Direction Finder kit is a radio direction-finding aircraft operated via reception of electromagnetic waves by a transmitter emitted by a transmitting station. And after that you need to know how Here's how MFJ Doppler direction finder works:

1. Receive Electromagnetic Waves Emitted by The Transmitting Station

Antenna is a good conductor so the wave electromagnetic waves from the transmitter received by the antenna will generate wave currents that the vibration is the same as the vibration of the electromagnetic wave from the transmitter.

MFJ Doppler Direction Finder
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2. The plane of The Antenna Frame

If the plane of the antenna frame is in the same direction as the direction of the signal coming from the transmitter, the voltage transmitted in the antenna will be maximum and the signal will be sound.

3. The Signal Waves

The signal received by the antenna is forwarded to the receiver box and the direction of the transmitter will be at the loudest sound. Because the directions are connected to the antenna, the direction in which the signal is coming can be read on the indicator.

4. Doppler System Applications

The application system of Doppler with Adaptive systems can be used as a basis for radio stand finder works to detect the direction of the position of the RF transmitter without doing direct mobility.

The Roanoke Doppler antenna is designed with a switching system and signal reception amplifier by square-4 array of half-wavelength antennas that can determine the direction of the RF signal.

In addition to finding equipment for the tool for this Doppler direction finder, you can get it on the online shop, you can get a special offer on Doppler direction finder for sale.

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