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The Effect, Function and Works of MFJ Doppler direction finder

Two-way communication technology using radio frequency is currently developing rapidly. MFJ Doppler direction finder communication technology is used in various fields of public life, both in general commercial, military and also search and rescue. Based on technological developments, the doppler rdf system has been implemented from time to time following the times.

Doppler Effect For Direction Finder

At first, using a system where the antenna is rotated and then looking at the comparison of signal strength from different directions and several concepts are the same as the electronic version.

Modern systems use stage comparison or MFJ Doppler direction finder techniques which are generally simpler to automate.

If you as a listener are silent and hear a sound from a sound source that is also silent, then the sound we hear will have the same frequency as the sound source. However, the Doppler Effect will occur when the sound source moves towards the listener or vice versa.