Must-Know Benefits of Transactional SMS

When was your last call regarding a business transaction at work? And when did you enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family? How as it and how did you feel? If you are like most of the other customers, according to studies, you would likely have liked to receive an SMS message, instead. As a company, there are plenty of reasons to send transactional data via SMS. Consequently, the transactional market for services is estimated at approx. $18 billion to $26 billion in 2022.

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is a text message from companies to their clients that provides the needed data for their product or service to be used. Often sent by SMS, transactional text messages include customer invoices and customer account balance. Moreover, other messages include confirmations of orders, delivery information, shipping, tracking and links in a message allowing customers to reset a password.

What are the Benefits?

In contrast to more traditional techniques such as mobile, postage or email, it is beneficial to send transactional data to clients via SMS.

  • Preferred by Customers

Well-known source research discovered that more than 65% of adults in America with text messaging capabilities prefer to use SMS to communicate with businesses. That digit is likely to hedge to around 80% by 2020. Being a non-intrusive channel it enables recipients to get and digest data at a convenient time. That said, within 90 seconds of receipt, 90-95% of the SMSes will be opened.

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency

Modern SMS software like Hitech Terminal Pro makes it comparatively fast and straightforward to configure transactional SMS. Once configured properly, minimum human resources are required, enabling companies to direct resources to other areas of the company.

More than 97% of SMS messages, according to the survey, are opened. That makes SMS the most efficient platform for customer communication. It's especially essential when transacting critical information.

  • Super-fast

Transactional SMS are, in general, time-sensitive, making it essential for enterprises to use a platform such as SMS broadcast device to send and receive data in a jiffy. The SMS transaction is triggered, and messages can almost instantly be sent to customers. Moreover, within minutes of the receipt, 95-97% of texts are opened, and clients can react quickly.

  • Suitability

Approx. 90% of adults are holding mobile devices nowadays. Very much unlike e-mails, customers can easily send and receive messages virtually any moment of the day. That makes SMS an instrumental transactional communication channel.

  • Loyalty

Transactional SMS can assist in improving the connection with customers and offering a precious marketing opportunity. Keeping clients informed and involved via SMS can help connect the brand to the consumer, increase clients ' experience and develop their allegiance and lead to sales.

How Does Transactional SMS Software Work?

A secure and reliable SMPP (Simple Messaging Peer to Peer) protocol is needed to perform as a relay engine. You can, however, give a try to SMS broadcaster which acts as a robust backbone to deliver the message quickly and efficiently. There are a plethora of companies, applications and SaaS suppliers that connect to the supplier of an SMS gateway to develop and leverage their transactional SMS.

Integration options such as SOAP, plugged REST, HTTP, SMPP and other alternatives for specific uses, i.e. MMS API and Email integration are often considered to SMS integration. Transactional SMS can usually be a simple plug-and-play integration on the top of any system. Some companies, like financial institutions, are focused more on security, and look at RESTful or SOAP combinations to ensure that sending is secure. Finally, a transactional SMS module needs an API solution to connect to the sender system.

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