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Ordinary SMS Marketing Myths

Although all the case studies are positive and show that this mobile communication approach does not go anywhere, many companies remain reluctant to start a text message marketing campaign. The most considerable hesitation to get this feasible advertising approach began is because of rumors, not because of reality. The following facts can assist you in deciding better if text advertising is correct for your company or not.

Text Messaging is Outdated

Many marketers have postponed their campaigns, adding text message because they believe it's just a passing trend. But texting exists for nearly 16 years and is becoming common more and more day by day instead of displaying signs of stopping. According to the latest study by Message Systems, almost 85% to 92% of managers have already introduced a text messaging campaign and intend to do so next year. If you want to stay higher in a competition, you must begin to regard SMS marketing system as an invaluable instrument instead of a passing trend.

Targeted Audience Limited to Youngers

Another popular myth about SMS marketing is that it operates only for companies that focus on a younger population. It is not only teens and young adults that text, however, older generations also use their mobile devices to text their nearest and dearest and are ready to receive messages from their favorite enterprises - even more as compared to young and adult generation. Older customers, including text messages, are some of the quickest technology adopters.

SMS Marketing isn’t for Small Businesses

Typically, small businesses have a lower marketing budget as compared to large businesses. That implies they often have to choose which campaigns to carry out. Many marketers do not think that a tiny enterprise can profit from an SMS campaign so that traditional advertising channels can remain. However, the marketing of text messages is more beneficial to smaller businesses than to bigger ones. Text messaging is a comparatively cheap marketing channel with fantastic conversion rates that can lead to a significant return on investment. It should be pointed out that all messages are simple and based on text. The similar text will appear from big companies and smaller companies. That can contribute to even the field of play.

Audience Think Text Messages Irritating

This lasting myth protects a plethora of businesses from adding SMS commercials to their arsenals of advertising. The truth is, this kind of marketing is opt-in. That means that the people you are sending messages to have signed up - so that they communicate with your company and they can receive your messages. There is not only a small percentage of potential customers who would also be ready to join your program. About 50% to 60% of customers are interested in joining the SMS advertising list of a company.

Companies Think People Don’t React

Text posts are inherently tiny to only 160 characters that are sometimes making it hard for customers to make the correct calls to action to get engaged. That gives companies the impression that text messages only communicate data but do not encourage customers to act. Let's admit that SMS has one of the most substantial conversion rates in comparison to other advertising channels. Texting is also a more instant and private communication medium that improves the opportunity for the customers to act in this way. You can certify that your messages are received at an open rate of nearly 95% to 100%.

Many of the myths and rumors of SMS marketing are just that fiction. Instead, you should see how it can assist your bottom line, rather than the misinformation surrounding this invaluable marketing channel. Try SMS broadcaster machine that doesn't cost a lot if you are prepared to start SMS marketing for your company.

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