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Top Product of Google Company That You Should Know

Who doesn't know Google? Almost all people nowadays rely on Google products in their daily lives, especially their search engine which is indeed the most widely used product by them. However, there are actually many other product of Google company that you should know about.

These various products you may or may not have heard of before, but can help you in your work so that the bus is done more easily. Google itself is already famous for its products that are available in various lines or aspects to help humans. Check out the continuation of the discussion about the product of Google company in this discussion.

Top Google Products

product of Google company

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of product of Google company that are widely used by almost everyone in their daily life in this digital era. Every once in a while, Google continues to issue new product or services that are sophisticated and sophisticated.

The following are some of the top products of Google that are most often used and you should know:

1. Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine is Google's first product that made this company what it is today. With the invention of their search engine, Google has indirectly transformed the world to be much more sophisticated in various aspects.

Not only in terms of communication and information, but Google has also changed the world of business, economy, education, and social life thanks to their search engine.

Although there are currently many search engines that have started to appear and use the same premise as Google, Google search engine remains the main choice used by people in various parts of the world when they want to get information.

So iconic, even the name Google itself has been associated patently with search engines. So if you mention the word Google, people will definitely imagine their search engine. Google also has been famous about it's SEO marketing. Find more about it here.

2. Google Chrome

You are probably using Chrome to read this article. Chrome is a web browser released by Google as a container or search platform. Through Google Chrome, you can access various other websites on the internet.

Easy to use, simple interface, and fast, may be some of the reasons why Google Chrome can become the most widely used web browser in the world and beat other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox which was previously popular.

Through Google Chrome, you can also directly access other product of Google company.

3. Youtube

Many still don't know that Youtube is a product that is also under the auspices of Google. Youtube is currently one of the most widely used platforms and applications since its release a few years ago.

Since the previous few decades, Youtube has become a very well-known means of entertainment, education, and information. You can see uploaded videos from various people in the world according to your respective interests.

Youtube is so powerful, this platform has also been known to be one of the largest platforms that can influence trends in the world in various aspects. Starting from fashion, to business.

Youtube is also famous for its adsense, where you can earn money by becoming a content creator on Youtube.

4. Google Drive

Next is Google Drive. This platform is a storage service provided by Google. With Drive, you can store thousands of photos, videos, audios, documents, and more on one platform. What makes this Drive so enjoyable is their ability to make storage more flexible and accessible from multiple accesses.

So you no longer need to send the files you need if you want to view them on the other device. Just link the same email on both devices and put the file in Drive, then you're good to go.

Google Drive itself provides free access to each user's account. Each account can access storage that contains up to 15 GB for free. And interestingly, one person alone can have multiple accounts, so you can separate your personal and workspace storage.

There are so many other product of Google company that hasn't been talked about in this discussion. However, Google is a big company that has a great service in making our lives much easier and more practical.

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