See How Easily these Businesses Can get Desirable Results from SMS Marketing

Have you shown a marketing email to a client or customer recently? On average it can take a minimum of ninety minutes for a response (but there is also a chance for no response at all). If you have sent an SMS marketing message to someone, the response may take as soon as ninety seconds!

SMS marketing campaign is by far the speediest and the most convincing way to make contact with your target audience. Your customers will definitely appreciate your way of communication. Of course, as with most of the marketing strategies, SMS marketing system works better for some major types of businesses than others. So here are four types of business that we think are ideal ones.

Travel companies

Whether your business provides the services of flights, cruises, or all wide-ranging holiday deals, SMS marketing has excessive paybacks for trades in the travel industry. SMS marketing can add a more private touch for your customers, where you can modify your information specifically to each customer. If you are targeting some particular places, then you can also take advantage of location-based SMS advertising.

Send SMS messages about:

  • Updates regarding their flight details and recent updates from the flight company

  • Keep your customers updated on the currency rates relevant to their trip

  • Provide currency exchange and also add in your rates so they can contact you for all their travel needs

  • Confirmation message on a customer's flight bookings and the details of it

  • Reminder texts including the words such as (Have You Packed Yet for tomorrow's trip etc.)

  • If you provide flights travelling services, text them check-in desk numbers and gate numbers to save their time when they get to the airport

Retail Shops

There are lots of advice available about retail marketing, but the precise thing to think of about retail clients is that they are shopping on the move. Bulk SMS Blast is the best way to take advantage of the busy retail industry. By having prompt access to your customers with related marketing offers for them, you could factually make them think about visiting the online store or your shop!

Send SMS messages about:

  • Send some special offers which are for a FEW HOURS only to bring in impulse shoppers

  • Discount codes for concessions or cashback will raise the spirits of customers to come back

  • Send text alert when your seasonal Sales are about to start

  • Send Notifications on what colors and styles your range covers each season

  • Spread the words related to the latest discounted items: deals like three for two on selected products


That can be a surprising fact as well as lucky for your business. It is that there is not a mass use of text marketing in the restaurant industry, yet.

Although you wouldn't usually link fine consuming with texting, SMS marketing may be a different but effective technique to establish a steady flow of customers. It's mainly ideal for encouraging customer numbers in your hotel or restaurant on weekdays when a business can be slow compared to weekends.

Send SMS messages about:

  • If your restaurant offers takeaway orders, send Alert messages to let people know when their order is ready to get or is being delivered.

  • Entice customers by sending them updates on the night's unique dishes – this will provide decent criticism data for what dishes your customers choose.

  • Ask customers if they are willing to book a table, and then let them do so by texting the code given in the sms notification.


E-commerce businesses solely rely on digital marketing techniques, such as social media and email marketing. But most people don’t think about SMS marketing. Again, it's all about personalization and consideration of each customer's needs. With major of E-commerce businesses, it is effortless to appear as a neutral general business, exceptionally if you have a variability of target audiences.

Send SMS message about:

  • Inform your customers on the projected date their products will be delivered

  • Offer them feedback

  • Recommend specific products in quick texts to different customers based on their previous purchases.

  • Send Alert messages to customers when their order has been processed and dispatched

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