See How Easily You Can Reach Your Target Audience

Despite the doubling of smartphone ownership in the U.S. over the last five years, numerous individuals are still unable to access Mobile Internet devices (approximately 102 million). Nevertheless, 98% of the population does receive text messages through a number of software such as bulk SMS blast or other devices. Therefore, a large number of nonprofit companies, even emergency response teams use text blast software to transmit messages in a format that can be received by most people in a jiffy.

How to Define a Text Blast?

A text blast can be defined as an SMS text message that is sent at once from a single source to a wide group of people. In the retail industry, the most common way for companies to communicate with clients is to send a text message blast, raising brand awareness and boost buying intentions. Apart from the retail sector, many companies use their text blast service to interact with their employees. A lot of people got a text blaster from their political party, church, football team or even from the employer. There are also emergency systems in some jurisdictions that warn people about "imminent threats against security or life."

The Importance

The most popular way to send a text blast is by far the SMS technology. And becoming the most effective way to reach everyone is that 98% of the population has the technology which needs to receive an SMS text blast.

Instead of sending SMS alerts through an SMS sender device, many organizations decided to go for messaging applications. Deliverability, however, is the issue with instant messaging applications. Moreover, the number of contacts that can send a message at the same time is limited for even the best messaging applications.

The Effectiveness

The SMS marketing system is quite compelling - thanks to its understanding and immediacy of messaging. Research has shown that over 90% of Americans maintain their mobile devices always within their reach, and the majority of people are likely to reach their mobile or smartphones when they hear the ringtone. Hence, it opens and reads 94% of text messages within 3 minutes of receipt, compared with an open rate of only 22% for three-minute email messages. Social media and direct mail marketing have a lower reaction rate than internet ads, with only 29% of the tweets and 12% of Facebook postings ever reading.

SMS marketing uses a communication channel that most of the people know about already. There are no special technical skills required in sending a text message, and since people tend to reach their mobile device immediately, they hear its ringtone, you need not create a creative advertisement or write an attention-grabbing title for your text message to be read.

Growing Your Text List

Because SMS marketing is likely to be abused by spammers and hackers, you cannot just buy a list of mobile numbers and upload it into the text marketing service easily. It is a permission-based activity to send text blast from a computer or any device, and you must create a text blast contact from scratch or from the customers' database which has permitted you to contact with ease.

You can create your customer database with multiple instruments or tools - but no software is more efficient than SMS broadcaster machine. The reason behind the effectiveness of this tool is that it lets you invite a potential customer to write a code number to use a promotion (e.g. a text "discount" to 31124). If the possible customer texts back to the small number, it means he/she is now added into your database and will certainly receive future text messages.

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