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SEO Copywriting, A Brilliant Career Choice in the Digital Marketing Era

In the digital marketing world as it is today, there are lots of new career options emerging, one of which is an SEO copywriter. SEO copywriting is an important aspect of digital marketing for businesses or companies. Find out more about this option career here.

What do SEO copywriters do?

A SEO copywriter has a very important role in supporting the success of digital marketing by digital companies. To understand what the duties of an SEO copywriter are, then you must first know what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that uses a digital platform as its main tool. This marketing includes websites, social media, affiliates, and many other examples.

To do digital marketing, then of course you have to create content, this is where the role of SEO copywriting is really needed. An SEO copywriter will design the words that will be included in the ad content so that the message that the business or company wants to convey is achieved.

Not only arbitrarily stringing words, these copywriters and SEO writers have to combine so much information that they want to be conveyed so that it can become a message that is short, clear, and can also be captured easily by advertisement’s targets.

SEO Copywriting
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What is The Difference Between SEO and Copywriting?

SEO writers and copywriters have different roles, although they are often combined into one package as "SEO copywriting". Both of them are tasked to write messages for content that will be used in digital marketing. However, there are some differences that you should know about these two.

What is SEO in writing? SEO stands for search engine optimization. A SEO writer must be able to write content that is in accordance with search engine standards so that content can later appear in the first search results. SEO writers usually handle article content for business or company websites.

On the other hand, a copywriter must string words together for various types of digital marketing content that the company needs. Usually they handle the creation of social media content or other digital marketing media.

With the development of digital marketing that is very massive and significant, both have a very important role. Often, these two job desks are combined into one SEO copywriting to make it more effective.

So a SEO copywriter will determine the message to be conveyed in digital marketing as well as pay attention to whether the message is in accordance with search engine standards.

Is SEO Copywriting A Good Career?

Yes, being an SEO copywriter is one of the best career choices you can take in this digital era. Along with the development of the digital business world, digital marketing is also growing very rapidly every year.

This has resulted in a lot of new demand for content creators, including in the field of SEO and copywriting. These days, the field of SEO copywriting is needed more than ever. Various abundant job opportunities make you have many choices.

Each company usually has a writing section dedicated to making SEO copywriting for their digital marketing content. Not only working directly with companies, you can also enter digital marketing content creator agencies that handle the needs of various companies for their advertising content.

This way, you will get a variety of new and interesting challenges because you are not only stuck in creating an image for one company.

How Do You Become a SEO Copywriter?

SEO Copywriting
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To become a SEO copywriter, you must equip yourself with various experiences or knowledge in the field of SEO copywriting. Not only that, you also have to know digital marketing as a whole.

Being a good marketing writer doesn't just depend on whether the words you make are beautiful or interesting.

To become a good marketing writer, you also have to meet the required criteria, namely to create clear, engaging content, and also the message that the company wants to convey can be well received by the community.

If you want to become an SEO copywriter, also equip yourself with various kinds of training or hands-on practice to create content. You can also build your portfolio so you can prove your skills in creating SEO copywriting content when you apply for a job.

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