Short Code and Branded SMS Marketing Benefits

SMS Marketing is mostly a method used to distribute advertising messages among the people using permission-based text messaging. It’s not deniable that all mobile phones, whether they are feature phones or smartphones, are SMS-enabled.

With evolving companies, businesses' demands are growing every day, and also marketers are altering their methods. Every day, the market place gets wider. The existence of the right communication channels will automatically stimulate exploration of the communication channels in order to reach the target audience and provide them with the most relevant and significant data to meet their requirements.

Without a doubt, SMS marketing is operational. According to some studies, SMS marketing has approx. 15-20% response rate which is, of course, better as compared to less than 3% in other advertising methods, i.e. e-mail marketing. SMS marketing is quite flexible, and it enables us to schedule SMS days, weeks or even months before starting a campaign. Different types of SMSs in marketing include Unbranded Messages, Branded Messages, and Short Code Messages.

Short Code Messages

The reason behind putting shortcode messages on the top is that this service is principally used to generate leads or receive customer’s feedback. In essence, shortcodes are actually four-digital numbers that provide exceptionally excellent performance for any shortcode messaging service across the network. Shortcode messages entirely rely on high-speed direct connectivity.

The simplest way for businesses and companies to receive and send messages is by using shortcodes. Some reliable sources are providing shortcode services which are ideal for time-sensitive information with a default base rate of 45 SMS per second. Very much unlike regular phone numbers, shortcodes are not linked to a region code and are easy to keep in mind. Other benefits include:

  • Mind-blowing open rate

  • SMS delivery instantly

  • Easy to track and monitor the entire campaign

  • Budget-friendly

  • Builds trust between customer and company

  • Hit a broader target audience

  • Exceptionally reliable

  • Reach the audience across the world

  • Engages prospects at the point of display

  • Establish the relationship between business and customer

  • Easy to remember as compared to other long phone numbers

  • A practical and immediate call to action

Branded Messages

When it comes to branded messages, it's the way to send messages to the customers from your brand name. The principal goals are to retain the loyalty of customers and to find more customers. In reality, you can simultaneously reach thousands of individuals anywhere either through SMS campaign marketing or branded SMS marketing - so that you can give a boost to the sales and services you offer. Special and personally targeted promotions also assist in keeping trust between large consumers and major customers.

Countless businesses use unknown phone numbers for SMS marketing. It can be a little inexpensive, but it hurts the validity of the message, and the user will definitely delete it before reading. However, if a customer receives a message from an appropriate business name, this message will probably be read with concern because, in the future, the customer will receive the message by a name, not an unspecified number. Rest of the benefits are:

  • Messages delivery status report online in real-time

  • The most convenient and effective way to reach the target audience

  • Complete history and campaign reporting

  • No mobile phone or SIM needed for Branded messages

  • Adding a wide list of numbers from an excel sheet

  • Track record of sent messages

Perfect Marketing Solutions

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