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How to Use SMS Advertising for Your Business?

Nowadays, developing relationships with customers takes much effort. This thing becomes even more severe as the customer’s attention spans are getting less and less every year. So as a business owner, you have to know that SMS advertising is the answer to ensure your business stands out in the crowd.

What is SMS Advertising?

SMS advertising is promotional campaign messages for marketing purposes via text message. It works like a bulk SMS broadcast containing updates, offers and alerts about the brand. SMS advertising is an owned channel, same as email marketing.

SMS advertising has a high open rate, but it won’t help your business if you’re sending messages to people who don’t want them. Anyone who gets an SMS Ads must have given permission to send them text messages. Once your brand has permission, you can send SMS ads to your customer.

SMS can be used in different ways. You can use it for short-term promotions and make sure the customers don’t miss out. You also can share urgent updates and reminders about your products and services.

Why is SMS Advertising a great choice in marketing?

People usually check their phones nearly 150 times a day. They read around 80% of texts and mails. It means SMS Ads encourage high interaction with the customers.

This system allows companies to distribute promotions to the customers efficiently. It also increases awareness of the brand. The more customers open their phone, the merrier people notice the advertisement.

SMS advertising makes it possible to reach more people. This is because the customer doesn’t need to download app or create an account to be a receiver. You can send it to anyone who has given you the permission.

SMS advertising

Campaigns using SMS are easy and quick to create. You can launch it for advertising in minutes if you have lists of customer’s phone numbers. It also supports other marketing channels such as push notification, email, website and more.

Marketers often use SMS Ads as a complement to email marketing campaigns. If your customer doesn’t check their inbox, you can deliver the promotion through text messages. So it is kind of an advantage for both sides.

How to do SMS Advertising for best results?

As a direct line of communication to the customer, you have to make sure of the best plans and strategies of SMS Ads. Broadcasting a bulk of promotions messages means that you need to do some tricks for best results. Here’s the “must to-do list” of doing SMS Ads.

1. Considering the time of your messages

People usually open text messages immediately, and it will be disturbing if you send it at odd hours in the day. It’s like, would you want to use a coupon after you just woke up at 1 AM? I didn’t think so.

Some countries have laws about sending marketing messages. For example, France does not allow any business disturbance on Sunday, holidays, or anytime more than 10 PM. So it is much better if you mind about the timing.

2. Attach your other marketing support

Using SMS to advertise your products and services to the customers may build relationships and lead it to great scale. If you are part of the digital marketing industry, then this system enables you to interact with your customer. The interaction could possibly happen in many channels.

For example, you can attach your website to the SMS Ads. SMS and websites are two channels that are complete with each other. You can launch the detailed information on the website. SMS Ads support you to communicate urgent information with a personal approach.

3. Don’t forget to include your company’s name

You have to let your customers know who's sending the message in the first place. This is because most providers only show the sender as short code. You don’t want to send a promotional discount to customers and not let them know where to go, right?

Now you already have a better idea what and why choosing SMS Ads is. It’s clear that SMS Advertising can be a valuable strategy to your business. Run your SMS advertisement today and see how it can impact your business growth.

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