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3 Ways to Maximize Your SMS Blast Indonesia Campaign

SMS blast Indonesia - For local-based businesses, SMS blast marketing is essential in attracting nearby customers. Say goodbye to physical banners and billboards, because now you can communicate the same message directly into the customers’ phones.

Before we dive deeper, let’s find out what exactly SMS blast is.

What is SMS Blast?

SMS blast is the practice of sending text messages to thousands of people in just one click. If you just open up a restaurant or when your local fashion store offers a discount, using SMS blast is very effective in spreading the information quickly to nearby customers.

If you’re still not sure about the SMS blast, here are some facts that can instantly change your mind.

  • Around 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes.

  • 75% of customers said that they prefer receiving offers from a Brand via text messages compared to other media.

  • The reply rate of an SMS is up to 45%.

You might think, all those stats are great for sure, but how can they impact your business in a positive way? Here’s how.

SMS Blast Indonesia

How SMS Blast Can Help Your Business

Instead of spending tens of millions of Rupiah to hire influencers, you can cut your marketing budget by using an SMS blast Indonesia. It reaches more audiences and does it quicker than any other form of communication.

People aren’t on Instagram 24/7, but people will most likely open a message notification on their smartphones. You can also put the biggest billboard you can get to attract passing customers to notice your business, but there’s a chance that they won’t even see it because their focus is solely on driving.

With an SMS blast, the chance of your message reaching your target audience is much higher with much fewer resources.

Rates for SMS Blast Indonesia

The rates for SMS blast Indonesia are varied depending on the SMS blast apk and the number of words. Here’s the price range of targeted text messages using the SMS blast Telkomsel:

  1. Rp. 670/word for a minimum of 2,500 words

  2. Rp. 645/word for a minimum of 5,000 words

  3. Rp. 620/word for a minimum of 10,000 words

  4. Rp. 595/word for a minimum of 20,000 words

  5. Rp. 570/word for a minimum of 30,000 words

  6. Rp. 545/word for a minimum of 40,000 words

  7. Rp. 520/word for a minimum of 50,000 words

  8. Rp. 495/word for a minimum of 60,000 words

3 Ways to Maximize Your SMS Blast Campaign

Now, it’s time for the main course. Follow these 3 ways to help improve your SMS blast marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Target Market

Just like any other form of marketing, you need to know your audience first. For instance, blasting an SMS about a skincare discount to men might not be the best idea. Create an SMS blast campaign that fit your audience profile and location.

If your business is located in Jakarta, using SMS blast Jakarta will be effective in informing people around you that your brand exists. Knowing who is your target audiences and what they like are essential in creating the right messages.

2. Offer Discounts and Promos

Indonesian people love discounts, especially women. Sending promo messages can instantly increase sales and store traffic. However, this is effective only if your target audience already knows about your brand. If you’re just started, simply go with an awareness campaign first.

3. Use Call-to-Action Buttons

Last but not least, use a CTA button at the end of every SMS blast. Direct the audience to your website, social media, or your WhatsApp depending on your campaign intent.

When you exclude CTA buttons, the customers won’t have an idea of what to do next. They’ll just close and delete your text message.

Wrap Up

Using SMS blast Indonesia is very effective in reaching out to Indonesia customers if your content fits the audience profile. Knowing your target market and their behavior is the key that leads to the success of your SMS blast campaign.

While content about discounts and promos will most likely captivate the audience's eagerness to buy your product. You just need to place a CTA button that leads to your marketplace, website, or Whatsapp number to finally close the deal.

So, are you ready to invest in a device that can execute an SMS blast?

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