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SMS Campaign: Importance and Benefits

SMS campaign is basically a text message sent usually for marketing purposes to a large group of recipients. The most common ones are sales and discount messages. SMS campaigns are a strong strategy for providing individuals with critical data and work best with other advertising channels, such as web-push and e-mail.

All of us nowadays have a mobile phone, and we frequently check it throughout the day. Opportunities are that any company can easily find its audience via these media. The SMS broadcaster offers its customers with SMS functionality software with a lot of mind-boggling features to set up an SMS campaign and send messages.

Let’s check out how the SMS campaign solves severe problems/issues and why it offers a multifunctional marketing channel that helps you achieve the desired results.

Why is it Important?

  • Exceptional Open Rates

Based on internet sources, SMS campaigns attain an outstanding open rate of 98-99%, with an unquestionably impressive response rate of 50%.

  • Customers are Forced to Take Action

SMS messages are efficient because they generate a sensitivity of the moment. In other words, the SMS campaign tells individuals of a restricted moment to take action, and they should hurry up if anyone wishes to take benefit of the offer. With the exception of an SMS campaign, there is no other marketing strategy that can generate a sense of urgency so strong that many decide to behave fast.

  • Instant and Much Easier

The standard SMS is a marketing email that is intended to work well with HTML, so it requires just a couple of instants to make SMS. Moreover, the important result is achieved much quicker since within 90 seconds, more than 95% of texts are read. That implies you can accomplish your tasks in a jiffy.

  • Several Functions

SMS marketing opens up a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of companies. SMS campaign tells customers about fresh goods, services, and hot deals. It can also provide notices, updates, as well as appointment reminders. In addition, SMS may be used to report certain appropriate information or to improve assistance and customer services.

  • Work Perfectly

Do you know that text marketing is more effective and gives exquisite results as compared to e-mail marketing? You can send text messages to "capture" those individuals, who have never opened their email. Think strategically about using the SMS campaign and support it through the efforts of other marketing channels.

Best Practices or Tips

Aside from its cost-effectiveness, which is obviously the primary benefit, there are numerous other remarkable benefits of SMS campaign to consider such as:

  • Add Value

When mobile users receive the same promotions through e-mail or through the website, mobile messages are meaningless from the consumer perspective. Campaign SMS should be different from other suggestions. Give people something extra, and you will probably receive extra returns.

  • Time-Sensitive Portion Matters

If you prove it to be useful enough, your clients or customers will squeeze in time for their proposals. Encourage with a dignified discount that will quickly be sparing. That should trigger their interest.

  • Wait for the Right Time

Undoubtedly, it’s the wrong time to send a mass notification to the people who come back home from the office. It’s between 7 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM. It would be better not to wake your customers up during the night because it makes them annoyed and they unsubscribe immediately. However, any other time is better as people frequently use their mobile phones throughout the day.

  • Make a Smart Message

Each SMS must have as effective a specific framework as possible to reach your contacts. Put your proposal and follow-up to CTA at the start of the message. Be mindful that people are busy, so put your cards on the table with immediate effects.

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