SMS Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Despite popular applications like Messenger and WhatsApp, SMS marketing system has strongly established itself not only as one of the most popular, but also one of the most powerful methods of interaction. It is therefore not surprising that it is also still a common marketing tool. The use of SMS messages has declined in recent years, but it is still far from over at the end of 2016 with close to 100 thousand billion text messages being sent.

SMS Marketing is an extremely strong way to communicate with customers directly, to make clear calls to actions and to provide an answer instantaneously. However, SMS marketing is very distinct from most other more traditional marketing instruments – thanks to its short-form text only. However, that should definitely not put you off. Here on this single page, we are looking at the best stuff about SMS targeted advertising and some of the difficulties and how to get them resolved. So, let's keep going!

1: Challenge: Complicated to Engage Audience

Well, the potential for communication is high - but SMS Marketing can sometimes be hard for consumers to participate. The first challenge is to encourage them to choose and even then, it is not possible to ensure that someone opens up the messages and reads them.

  • Solution

You can readily solve this issue by adding real value to the messages. For example, many restaurants send weekly reminders of their deals, including food delivery services. For regular customers, these can be of great importance and therefore continue to opt for communication. In simple words – you must accept it.

2: Challenge: Small Audience

The downside to a niche audience that has chosen is that you will reach fewer individuals realistically than an ad in a local or national paper, for example.

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This is not automatically a bad thing – it must be taken together with conversion rates. Giving an example, if you send messages to 99 people and 10 out of them buy your product, it means there is a 10% conversion rate. Now, your sales will be the same if you send messages to 999 people with a 1% conversion rate.

3: Challenge: Identical Content Cannot Be Repeated

Typically, an ad is repeated over and over again with a print, TV or radio ad – often as part of the method to maintain the brand attentive and encourage both a conscious and subconscious response. On the other side, SMS advertisements must always be worded differently or your consumers will almost definitely turn off and feel like you're stuck with your advertising hammer and finally, they might even begin to think of spamming and unsubscribing messages.

  • Solution

On the other side, the cost of producing and investing time on each SMS message, compared to the entire TV ad, is obviously significantly lower and the ability to adjust the campaign immediately without spending extra bucks can be considered an advantage. If correctly used, SMS is a significant instrument in your marketing arsenal reserved rather than just brand awareness for your most appealing offers.

4: Challenge: No Space for Detailed Info

It's impossible: SMS provides a tool for short-form marketing. This is one of its strengths and a possible obstacle to overcome if you're new to something. You merely have no room for vague or detailed information and you need to keep communication very close. Well, it’s not the case when you opt SMS broadcaster device – one of the world’s top SMS marketing tools around.

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This is the main point where SMS marketing is well integrated into your broader marketing campaign. It can be an extraordinarily powerful addition to other more conventional marketing methods. Create brand awareness and use SMS to generate a clear and strong action call.

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