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When it comes to marketing your business via SMS, we at have got you covered. We are offering an array of services and bulk SMS marketing is one of them. SMSbroadcaster is one of the leading platforms in the world – helping businesses and companies to give a boost to their traffic, increase their sales and much more with our state-of-the-art SMS sender device. We have inbuilt high-tech, user-friendly and multiple featured SMS machine which is the most advanced advertising machine nowadays to achieve your goals in a jiffy.

Why Do You Choose Us?

Our features-enriched Hitech Terminal Pro software is the most advanced software with all mind-boggling features at a single place. Some of the most appealing features include:

  • Authenticity of Data

SMSbroadcaster is a well-established and trustworthy bulk SMS service provider in the world – thanks to the service delivery as well as data authenticity.

  • Robust & Sophisticated

You wouldn’t find any robust and sophisticated bulk SMS solution anywhere else except We enable you to reach out your whole customer base with immediate effects – while, with a read rate of more than 97-99%.

  • Short Code Messages

Both branded and non-branded messaging services are also available to you here at this website. We also offer Short Code Message Server. The branded message provides a market recognition to your product, service or business name and individuals can relate this to your offer's usability. Whereas for the purpose of receiving messages from your customers, short-code messages are sent with 4 or 5 digits. Short-codes are frequently used in combination with a keyword and for contests, reviews, and ratings.

Offered Features

Our every SMS solution is designed to meet the different needs of businesses or companies. Take a look at the features provided by and get a feel for which service of the solution you can use for your business.


  • Fully optimized and easy-to-understand interface

  • Tool for generating random numbers and onboard mobile database

  • Messages in multiple languages for the user’s convenience

  • From 70-1200 SMS characters are allowed

  • Ease to operate either from a smartphone or laptop or together

  • Capable of creating unlimited SMS tasks and contents

  • Built-in Wi-Fi alongside security login

  • Built-in IMSI catcher and sending count report in real-time

Dynamic Messaging

You are enabled to send a personalized message to every single recipient, thanks to the most appealing feature of SMS advertiser software named Dynamic Messaging. You can upload files in a CSV and TXT format.

The system automatically substitutes the real value in you are provided excellent or text sheet and sends them to the respective recipient.

MIS and Messages Delivery Reports

We offer our valued customers 100% genuine and transparent MIS and messages delivery reports. We guarantee that there are no fake reports and no delivery cut off.

Exceptional delivery system with an extra retry option to ensure all of your messages are delivered to the customers.

  • Highly smart and intelligent system to ensure timely delivery of messages without any glitch.

  • Uninterrupted delivery of messages via multi-operator connectivity.

  • Immediate overview of delivery on the screen alongside an option.

  • Delivery reports in detail and searchable deliveries to find out the delivery status of a specific number

  • Exportable reports to CSV sheet with ease.

SMS Scheduling

The SMS broadcaster machine also enables you to schedule unlimited messages to any time or any date without any hassle.

SMS Templates

SMS Templates enable a number of predefined messages to be saved and inserted into the message by clicking.

Be mindful that the internet is equipped with a plethora of sellers that are offering bad-quality SMS marketing software without showing their machine’s features. Make sure you don’t let them make you fool. You can use our Contact Us page if you are looking to know more.

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