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Unicorn Tech Startup Indonesia That You Should Watch Out For

Updated: Sep 9

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most advanced startup developments in the Southeast Asia region, and even in Asia. Competing with other developing countries in the region, Indonesian startups can dominate a very large market and achieve extraordinary success. Over time, more and more tech startup Indonesia have emerged.

These tech startups provide various digital and tech related services or products that help not only the people of Indonesia, but also the people of Southeast Asia to carry out their daily lives much more easily. Check out various brief discussions about tech startup Indonesia in this discussion.

How Many Startups Are There in Indonesia?

tech startup Indonesia

It is actually very hard to tell how many tech startup Indonesia currently exist in the market. Since a few years ago, the emergence of tech startups has become one of the biggest phenomena that shape the economy of Indonesia and Southeast Asia in general.

If we really have to count them, we can estimate that there are hundreds or even thousands of tech startups from Indonesia that are currently based in the Indonesian market or Southeast Asia. Some have even succeeded in penetrating the Asian market in several countries.

These startups not only provide their products or services, but also directly improve people's lives and even change the direction of the national economy.

For example, the unicorn startups Gojek, which makes the use of public transportation increase drastically and directly help increase the community's MSME culinary business from their Gofood feature.

To be sure, since a few years ago, more and more tech startups have sprung up in Indonesia and have made the digital market in Indonesia even bigger.

How Many Unicorns Are There in Indonesia?

When we talk about unicorn startups, we are specifically talking about successful startups with an estimated value of more than 1 billion dollars. According to some sources themselves, there are about dozens of startups who have reached the "unicorn" level. But we will discuss about the top 5, here are some of them:

1. Gojek

Gojek is one of Indonesia's most famous tech startups, and also the first to succeed in becoming a unicorn startup. Released in 2010, this unicorn has become a pioneer in the development of tech and digital services in Indonesia. Their success are also not surprising, considering that these startups offer various types of services, all of which are related to transportation.

2. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is one of the largest digital marketplaces that currently exist in Indonesia. Known as the best place to buy various technology-related goods, this startup is said to be one of the startups in Southeast Asia that receives the most funding.

3. J&T Express

Next on the list we have J&T Express. With the development of the world of e-commerce and also the online shopping culture in Indonesian society, the demand for expedition services is increasing every year. J&T Express is the largest expedition service provider in Indonesia, which covers areas to various corners of Indonesia.

4. Traveloka

At the beginning of its appearance, this unicorn startup mainly only offered services for digitally booking flight and train tickets. After its development since 2012, the company has begun to expand its services with various travel related needs, such as hotel bookings, travel cars, and many others.

5. Ovo

The e-wallet phenomenon has completely changed the lifestyle of the Indonesian people. One of the largest e-wallets that has succeeded in achieving unicorn status is Ovo. Ovo is one of the most widely used cashless payment methods by the Indonesian people for various shopping needs, from online to offline shopping.

The various unicorn startups mentioned above are only the top 5 from other unicorn startups that also managed to achieve success and won the title of unicorn startups. The development of these various startups certainly needs to be watched out and we anticipate.

With the intensity of its development, we can be sure that the various startups mentioned above will not only succeed in Indonesia or Southeast Asia but also achieve success even in the international market in the future.

Therefore, we need to support these unicorn tech startup Indonesia by using the products or services they offer. In this way, they will be much more likely to be able to develop their market and business success further.

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