Texting Now Without Showing a Number is Possible - But How?

You have a couple of options to send SMS without number and make it from a different cell phone number as compared to your usual mobile number. A new permanent or temporary number can be assigned by using a plethora of fake number applications or online service. A text service which transmits text from its own number can also be used, though. Please note that you can experience legal consequences if you send text messages from a fake SMS number for any kind of fraudulent activity, harassment or any other illegal purpose.

Cell Phone Numbers and SMS

The text will show up on the attached cell phone number when you send someone a text from your cell phone. If someone knows or is associated with you through a website or a social networking service, for example, the beneficiary can understand that you are the person who has sent him a text message.

You might want to send a text message in some cases without letting him know that it's you. That may help report some type of misconduct data anonymously or in filing complaints anonymously. For your business or company, you can also set up a number that is not linked to your own mobile number.

Using an App for a Fake Number