The 3 Best Ways to Distribute Customer Feedback Surveys

Over the past few years, measuring customer experience through surveying people has been a trend for many companies and organizations, large and small. The importance of improving customer experience, nevertheless, can’t be undermined by just surveying customers. But, when it comes to distributing customer feedback surveys, the response rate, certainly, depends on how best you’ve got it across your selected audience and which method or channel you’ve selected for this purpose. So, let’s look into some useful methods!

  • Make a real difference through your website – Survey distribution through the website is one of the most effective ways to target your audience of consumers, especially if your business sells their services or products via an online website or portal. When a prospect or customer visits your site, the link to the survey can pop-up, while allowing them to complete the answers without leaving your site. Now where you should position that survey? You can better adopt a positioning strategy while keeping in mind such usability of your site which neither puts them off shopping nor interrupts their user experience. It’s a great idea to allow users to reject the survey invitation if they don’t want to participate in it.

  • Get high response rates using SMS surveys – You might know the fact that SMS text message has a sensational open rate (up to 98 percent) which means the chance of obtaining higher responses is quite high. Distributing customer feedback surveys through texting is an amazing and fast way to target your consumers, even when you’re on the go. The best thing about SMS is that you can distribute a survey to reach your audience is delivered immediately in just a single click, thanks to revolutionary technology bulk SMS machine, like Hitech Terminal ( Not only this, but SMS surveys also tend to bring in quick responses when you ask a range of simple questions because most adults reply to a text within five to ten seconds. Therefore, analyzing data and making informed decisions in real-time becomes easy. When talking about the downside of SMS surveys, keeping an up-to-date list of customers’ contacts is very crucial, which means you should be obtaining their mobile phone numbers throughout your SMS campaign.

  • Reach your target groups using emails – Being one of the most traditional ways of delivering online questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys, email is the first and foremost thing that comes into the minds of most people when deciding on collecting online data. It’s an easy and quick approach to send surveys to your customers, prospects, marketing executives, or the users who have a recent activity with your business such as, when someone submits a support ticket. Now delivery by email basically comes in 2 types – batch delivery and transactional delivery. Transactional emails are the ones which are based on certain actions of the users (as discussed early) through the support ticket system. When providing them help, you can also ask for their feedback about how smooth the experience was or suggestions about the areas of improvement. Batch delivery, on the other hand, is a bit different. In batch sends, you have created an email distribution contact list of specific people to a large number of groups and an email containing your survey is shot to that list all at the same time. Hope you got the idea! A major advantage of sending email surveys is the tracking of the survey. With the modern tracking technologies, you can be able to monitor the delivery of your email message to the intended recipients, like who opened the email, the time and date it was opened, or even who clicked on the email link but left the feedback. On the downside, email surveys don’t boast a high open-rate and your feedback survey email may be sent straight to the spam folder, thus getting missed out.

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