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The Next Big Thing in Emergency Management Communication is SMS

Your company will probably experience a crisis at some point – whether or not you do your best to keep your business or company safe. In reality, 59% of decision-makers in their existing or past enterprise have encountered a crisis and 79% think a possible crisis is a year away.

We are living in the age of social media where everything spreads like a fire in the wild - therefore, being able to deal with a crisis is essential to minimize the negative repercussions for your business, shareholders, and customers. When you develop your crisis management plan, including an SMS Communication element, especially in the case of security incidents, the crisis may be prevented from getting worse and it will be helpful to recover.

Why Using Text Messages?

If your business is experiencing a crisis, you wish to make sure that your crisis communication to customers as well as users is read. Be noted that only 20% of e-mails are read in the first 60 seconds whereas 90% of recipients will read texts simultaneously. In addition, more than 4 billion people use SMS, so you can rely on your texts to reach them with ease.

When to Use Text Messages?

Group Alerts

Disasters happen, unfortunately. SMS can be a valuable means of announcement with and maintaining impacted parties secure and informed, whether you are dealing with flood warnings, a monsoon season, with any extreme activity. Use SMS to convey emergencies, safety measures, areas to avoid and situational updates as they unfold.

Information Outflow

If those companies who are controlling big data servers or chunks of information, SMS may be used to notify clients of the break. The company can also send you an SMS to reset the passwords and enable a two-step authentication to stay secure from any unlawful access.

When Problems Occur

The company can let customers know about service disruption via a text message if the service or website is down and customers cannot access their data. If the SMS is sent and customers are up-to-date about the back-up, the company's customer service team will not be facing issues while handling panicked customers who are unable to access their data. It’s impossible to send messages to the customers one by one but bulk SMS blast can help in sending a single message to the wide group of people at once.

Events Notifications

Most of the times, your out of control factors force you to cancel a major event or change the location or timing. SMS may be used to transmit the change or cancellation to the participants and to provide them with updated event information.

During Suspicious Activity

There may be a period when online accounts of the customers are showing suspicious activity, whether it is an extraordinary transaction or a log-in from outside their usual location. In the case of fraudulent activity, SMSes let the customers know instantly of the suspected activity and provide them with the following measures to make their accounts safe.

Alert of Item/Product Safety Issue

If a safety problem arises in one of your items or products, don't wait until the news comes up. Just communicate with the customers. To reduce the negative impact associated with the safety of your product, SMS messages with information on the problem and how to resolve it may be sent to customers.

Regardless of your business or industry, SMS broadcast machine can support the timely and personalized information in crisis management communication in the form of SMS alerts, reminder notifications, invitations, and other automated messages. Moreover, it covers many countries across the world as well as formats mobile numbers automatically to guarantee higher worldwide service. So, are you ready to take over your communication on crisis management?

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