Things to Consider When Sending SMS for Election Campaign

Communication is obviously a key between voters, workers, and organizers during an election campaign. However, connection with voters, and workers through SMS cannot be ignored any further, and the reason is that everyone owns a mobile phone and interestingly, text messages have up to 98% open rate – making it cheaper than calls. Most important of all, one can send a vast number of messages to hundreds of people without even typing each message manually.

Well, running an SMS campaign isn’t that easy as there are so many things you should keep in your consideration before you proceed – for instance, scheduling a perfect time and managing replies, of course. Significant steps you need to follow when running a campaign for election include:

1: Import Contact Information

The first and foremost footstep need to be taken to import all contact details, you want to text to, into software . You can do it in two unique ways – first is a manual import via a CSV file, or you can import through integration as well. Do you use CRM? The second option (a synthesis) makes the most sense then. All you want to do is to pull all the required contacts from your CRM and put them into the software with a single click.

2: Rent a Phone Number

Using your personal phone number for bulk texting doesn’t sound great. However, you cannot send SMS without number – therefore, renting another phone number just for a campaign sounds a wise decision and creates fewer problems. A short-code can also be used to send messages, but it’s quite expensive than to rent a phone number. Be mindful that renting a phone number not only helps you send hundreds of thousands of SMS with ease but also costs you as low as 2 USB for a month.

3: Create an SMS for Campaign

Make sure you keep your text short before starting an election SMS campaign and make it to the point too. Do not forget to mention a line that asks your contact information to reply or call them back. Also, don't forget to customize the text message by adding their voting booth site as it makes the text more specific and increases the chances to get a significant response.

4: Schedule a Time to Send Text Messages

Studies have shown that scheduling a time for text marketing should be in between 9 AM to 5 PM – Monday to Friday. Make sophisticated planning to schedule bulk text message any time of day. You can select which day of the week and between which hours of the day these texts should be sent.

Planning to send texts almost a month before an election can take your campaign to the next level as it helps you ask voters their issues. Moreover, you can also activate the sending of text messages on a different platform, depending on the actions of your contacts. For example, it’s quite easy to configure a campaign to send a welcome message automatically to a new volunteer as soon as he/she signs up on your website.

5: Manage to Reply Properly

Managing to respond to each reply is one of the significant things to make your campaign successful. You can use a management interface to send the replies faster and with ease. Tag each contact who has sent you a text and don’t forget to use custom to increase response. That enables you to analyze which contacts are interested in and engaged in any specific campaign.

To cut it short, it’s not really challenging to send election campaign messages as there are hundreds of messaging software – making it easier than ever. The best SMS marketing software include HighTech Terminal Pro, SlickText, CustomerSpec, EZ Texting, Trumpia, and others.

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