This Is How Fashion Retailers Can Drive Sales Using an SMS Campaign

The fashion world is fickle and trends can change as fast as the seasons change. Since fashion trends come and go quickly, marketing for this business becomes quite tricky. You need a marketing channel that’s fast and efficient enough to handle the pressure of this ever-changing market – SMS.

As a fashion retailer, you need to promote your products while being in touch with consumers at all levels, and launching an SMS campaign is an ideal component of this solution. SMS marketing campaigns are one of the most valuable and immediate ways to increase business traffic, online and in-store, boost sales, and further customer loyalty.

Perfect for Shoppers On the Go

Consumers nowadays literally want that option to research a brand, an outlet, and even do shopping anywhere, anytime - and mobile phones have become the go-to devices for that reason. Statistically, about 60% of fashionistas, men and women, are using their smartphones to make online purchases for their fashion needs, which makes SMS marketing campaign really important tool to drive sales for your business.

In the fashion industry, consumers make spontaneous purchase decisions, on the go and off the cuff. SMS text marketing enables you to encourage impulse buying by delivering them a well-timed promotional SMS, informing them about a certain discount or sale. With a 98% SMS open rate, customers are more likely to open your personalized message and visit the link of your online store.

Stay Connected With the Consumers

A relevant bulk SMS campaign is an important part of your fashion marketing strategy and allows your business to keep consumers connected. When you have a strong connection with your customers via SMS, it will encourage brand loyalty, return customers, and even can help improve customer experience. Rather than having your customers to browse and navigate your site to discover about the current sales, you can use SMS broadcast tools to send the existing and potential clients a simple text message inclusive of necessary details and a link to that sale page. It will improve the customer experience and will provide them a reason to choose your brand or business over other market players. The messaging frequency is important, however, and you should not overwhelm your customers with too much texting.

Use SMS to Make Ordering Experience Better

Online shopping is an exciting experience but many people are still doubtful in some way: whether their order will be delivered on time or if delivered at all. During such times, sending out a confirmation SMS or delivery update message creates a level of positivity in your customers’ minds. Delivering important messages when the order is placed, on the way, and has been delivered can help in cementing your brand in the minds of the consumers that you truly care about them and solve their related problems and fears.

Helpful In Retaining Customers

Customer retention is the main goal of any business, including fashion houses. Usually, it is pretty difficult and expensive to gain or win a new customer than that of retaining an old one. On the other hand, customers also want businesses to communicate with them in a customized way, delivering value, and that is so true in the fashion industry. By sending highly personalized SMS messages to your customers at the right time, you can turn the once-off customers to be your return customers.

Reach your potential customers with an SMS broadcaster, sending them coupon codes and vouchers, along with other offers, promotions, and loyalty schemes. These ways will show the consumers that you have not forgotten all about them since they made their first (or last) purchase with you.

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