This is how Text Messaging Can help your Retail Business Get Personal

Text messaging is definitely one of the most efficacious communication tools to get in touch with your customers anytime, with more than 90% of SMS messages likely to be read within 3 minutes of being delivered.

Whether you’re implementing business text messaging, bulk SMS, or automated SMS, there are ways you can add a personal flair into it. Today's tech-savvy customers are also going to stay with your retail business if your communication is personalized and shows appreciation and consideration they expect.

Below we’re going to describe the four best ways any retail services provider can use to personalize their business:

  • 1) Send tailor-made deals

One of the best ways to get your business personalized is through knowing the interests of your customers like which products best resonate with them. Once you have an idea about their shopping interests, you can tactically customize your special offers and deals to suggest products to your customers through text messages, helping them make quick buying decisions and thus increasing sales. All this is easy with an SMS broadcast system.

  • 2) SMS them useful advice and tips

Personalizing your retail business can mean going beyond the commercial exchange between you and your clients and foster loyalty by providing them valuable tips and advice. When a customer receives a piece of advice from you that is specific to him or her, it could make them feel appreciated and valued. It’s now on you that how much targeted tips you can provide to foster greater customer relationships. For instance, if you are offering retail services like hairdressing then what you can do is take note of the most common problems which customers usually face in everyday life regarding their hair. The customers of you with curly hair might be having trouble with frizz while split ends may prove to be a genuine reason of concern for those with long hair. You should be smart enough to take note of such things and send your customers important tips and advice through text messages. Your texts could include only a piece of advice or links to some useful articles or comprise information about your new products that might be helpful for them. This is definitely going to create a sense of loyalty among your customers and encourage recurring business with you.

  • 3) Send instant order confirmations and regular updates

When we talk about recurring business, the many research studies claim that there are sixty to seventy percent (60-70%) chances of you selling a product(s) to an existing or current customer while selling to a completely new prospect is extremely difficult with probability ranging from only five to twenty percent (5-20%). That said, you cannot afford to limit your support services to the time a customer makes a purchase with you but you also need to provide after-sales support to cherish greater benefits and repeat business. After a customer has purchased with you, for example, you can send personalized order confirmations, or send regular delivery updates which may include SMS notifications about when their package is ready to ship, expected to arrive, has been delivered, or has experienced some shipping issues.

  • 4) Request feedback from your customers

Customer feedback is an excellent way of improving your customer experience, adjusting your strategies to the needs of customers, and making them feel special and cared for. By sending a mass notification or circulating short SMS surveys to your customers, you can ask about their general experience with your company and whether or not they are satisfied with your products or services. In this way, you will get valuable insights into where you can personalize your actions and improve your product or service to meet each customer’s needs.

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