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Tips for Successful SMS Advertising Campaign

The marketing of SMS messages has become an ever more popular communication channel. You might have a wrong idea about SMS marketing if you haven't tried it yet. SMS marketing system, if properly used, makes it very accurate and can be an effective tool for reaching an elusive yet rewarding demographic: the younger generation. The reason is that more than 90% of smartphones are SMS-capable, and the open rate of a text is a whopping 98%. Not only this, almost 8% of messages are read within 90 seconds of being received. Well, it doesn’t entirely mean that your consumer or customer is going to covert.

You have to be extra explicit about where these messages go and how often you send them to prospective customers to attain achievement. SMS marketing has the ability to develop your company with care and accuracy. Here are some essential tips that will help you get the right messages to the right customers.

Perfect Timing is Everything

Basically, you wouldn't want to send messages too soon or too late, but you have to make sure that you are giving enough have time to customer to act on your message. Very much like me, no one will live receiving a coupon after buying things. Take advance note of writing and then send later. Be sure to consider your message frequency. Also, make sure you do not want to overload customers with messages, so they get upset and begin ignoring or deleting them when they receive.

Be Concise and Clear

You want to ensure that you are clear and right when it comes to the contents of your messages. Every message over 160 characters will be divided into various texts by the mobile company, which might trigger multiple issues, including the non-prescribing of the entire message and additional charges for the business owner. Make sure that you have called to action (CTA) so that receivers understand what they expect and what next steps they need to take. A URL and a phone number are excellent examples of CTA.

Keep Checking Your Database

Mobile numbers are always altered and deleted, so you need to frequently check to make sure that you send your SMSes to the right people. Is it not possible to comfortably handle all the information? Well, SMS broadcaster machine has got you covered then. And if your database runs on contacts low, be sure you advertise SMS, both online and in print, on any promotional products. Your short-codes should be included in the newsletters or flyers of the company. Send it out via e-mail, print it on business cards, don't worry about verbally mentioning to customers in stores - for instance.

Variety is Key

Make sure always that your messages are updated. You should never send someone the same text message two times, unlike other methods (mainly social networks). Changing things in the messages, however, make it quite interesting. What you provide via SMS marketing is also important to ensure that all other promotions you carry are different from. If consumers can receive the same offer via e-mails or social media, they have no reason to choose to use SMS. It needs to add value.

Perhaps you are not familiar, but the messaging doesn't only enhance the small or large businesses or generate sales. Government agencies of hundreds of countries nowadays are using it as emergency SMS alert to help people during a natural disaster - for instance, if someone was trapped in a storm, he/she can get SMS alert about what to do next and what to stay away from. Not only this but it is used by the governments to notify the related agencies about any emergency.

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