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Top 5 SMS Broadcasting Tools for Small Companies

Well-famous mobile applications such as WhatsApp and others may have brought down the value proposition of the humble SMS, but its ubiquity continues unrestricted. More than 98 percent open rate and approximately 36 percent click rate have been found by multiple studies - indicating that SMS broadcast tools are the best-performing advertising channels. If you even consider a 25% open rate good enough, you should compare this with email advertising. However, while nearly all types of enterprises are involved in email marketing, relatively fewer enterprises, especially small or local businesses, take SMS marketing seriously. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of awareness of software tools for automating your SMS marketing needs.

Today, we will be taking a guise at a bunch of tops and best SMS marketing tools software available in the market. So, let’s keep going!

SMSBroadcaster is providing state-of-the-art and the most advanced SMS Broadcaster Machine available to the industry. The reason for becoming a market leader is that you do not need a readily available contacts list, but it sends SMS to all active mobile devices near the machine within its range. The machine transmits SMS automatically by matching the frequencies to all network providers within a range of 500m to 2km. So, no need of any database, no need to collect unnecessary data, no hassle of credit and the internet. The SMS Marketing system at SMS Broadcaster is created with the help of latest technology with some unique features like longest characters, built-in frequency finder, GPS, and plug and play. There is no doubt that the best available Hitech Terminals are only available at SMSBroadcaster.


It is a multi-channel marketing tool which comes into action when it comes to small and medium businesses. This tool enables users across multiple platforms, like SMS, MMS, emails, faxes, voices, and even postcards to reach their contact lists. There are two reasons why Hubbion is holding its position on 2nd on the list, besides the multi-channel aspect of it. First, Hubbion is equipped with an advanced automation scheme that enables users to adapt their outgoing reaction as well as involvement - based on text messages. Secondly, the wallet is much easier, and interestingly, no monthly subscriptions are required. Moreover, a user can buy credits that don't expire and set users back in between 2 to 3 cents per SMS.


Enger is another SMS marketing tool for companies who want to generate SMS marketing lists. It allows companies to insert lead capture forms on their website and also send future messages to their public. Mobile web adapting, real-time analyses, as well as easy unsubscription, are the best features offered by this SMS broadcaster. However, it comes with two significant differences from Hubbion. First of all, it is a specialized marketing platform for SMS. And secondly, consumers must sign up for a monthly subscription fee, which starts at $10/month.


Mozeo is now one of the most common SMS marketing tools on the market. Mozeo enables customers to purchase credits to send SMSes, similar to Hubbion. However, to get it at unmatched rates, you must purchase a certain amount of messages. Besides, Mozeo's SMS advertising begins at 3 cents per message, and in addition to the capacity to broadcast messages, users can also send email messages, create landing pages and filter mobile automation keywords too. Be mindful that Mozeo doesn't offer services worldwide like other SMS Broadcaster Machines in the list, but it alone focuses on the United States and Canada regions.


TextingBase aims to establish contacts and personally monitor your target group until they are ready to purchase. Product characteristics include planned messages, customized SMS and contact management. You can also follow the event, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries and holidays of your contacts so that you can wish them on those particular days. TextingBase is ideal for marketing managers with an initial cost of 4 cents per SMS.

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