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What Are Some Types of Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is one of the most widely used advertising methods today. Almost all businesses use digital advertising to market their products or services. Actually there are several types of digital advertising which are divided according to certain categories.

These types of advertising can help you understand what digital advertising is as a whole and help you achieve your own company's advertising goals. Later, you can choose which type is the most suitable for you.

Digital Advertising in General

Before discussing further about what types of digital advertising that exist, you must first know about digital advertising in general so that you can understand it better. Some people may only know that digital advertising is a branch of marketing.

Most people always associate this type of advertising with social media advertising. While it's not wrong, digital advertising actually includes many other things besides just social media marketing.

All types of marketing that use digital platforms as their main means can be referred to as digital advertising. So this advertising also includes website advertising, SMS marketing, and various other digital platforms.

What Are Different Types of Digital Advertising?

types of digital advertising

In the world of advertising, there are many types and divisions depending on the category that is used as a separator. This type of advertising can be broken down into several types according to the method. platform used, fast or long, and many other factors.

To understand the types of digital advertising comprehensively, you must first understand what factors can be used to divide them into several types. The most common factor that people usually use to share digital advertising is to pay attention to what platform is used.

What Are The Four Types of Digital Advertising?

There are 4 types that people are most familiar with when they talk about digital advertising. These 4 types are the most easily distinguished big four types.

These four types are distinguished based on the platform they use. The following are the four types:

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

Examples of these four types are certainly familiar to you. You can find it anywhere, from on your mobile phone, on your laptop, television, and other platforms.

Each of these four types has succeeded in making many companies achieve their marketing goals in an easy, effective, and significant way, when compared to conventional advertising methods, without a digital platform.

What Are 8 Types of Online Advertising?

Besides being popularly divided into 4 major types, there are also other divisions that are often used. Digital advertising is also usually divided into 8 types according to the platform or method used, as mentioned earlier.

In this division, the types of advertising are divided into things that are much more detailed than before by taking into account the different platforms that are widely used in the marketing world.

The following are the eight types of digital advertising:

  • Paid advertising on digital platforms (usually on search engines)

  • Mobile advertising

  • Retargeting marketing ads

  • Advertising videos

  • Social media advertising

  • Native or related content advertising

  • Audio advertising

  • Display advertising

From the name of the type you can definitely see what distinguishes one from the other. If examined again, actually some of these types can be divided into smaller types.

What Are The 11 Types of Advertising?

If we discussed earlier about dividing the types of digital advertising into 4 and 8 types, then we can break down those types into smaller and more detailed divisions.

From the four main types, into 8 main types, you can divide them again into 11 different types. Each of these types actually has many similarities, but there are various detailed differences that make them need to be divided again so that it is easier for you when choosing which types you want to use.

The following are the eleven types:

  • Advertising

  • Content Advertising

  • Search Engine Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Call to Action Advertising

  • Direct Advertising

  • Guerilla Advertising

  • Account Based Advertising

  • Automation Advertising

  • Public Relation Advertising

  • Event Advertising

And that's all a brief discussion about the types of digital advertising that exist in the world of marketing. You can use several of these types at once to achieve the goals of marketing that your business wants.

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