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Web SMS Platform Benefits Available Nowhere Else

It’s too tricky for any business to manage communication in spite of its size. Enter Web SMS Platforms that are a mixture of state-of-the-art networking technology and is the most attractive communication channel (SMS).

What is it?

With a Web SMS platform, companies can send text messages from an attached network PC. It provides more sophisticated and active texts as compared to conventional mobile messaging solutions. Online SMS platforms activate the functionality including bulk SMS, message scheduling, 2-way SMS and more. You no need any external software - just log in and send SMS.

How does it work?

When it comes to Web SMS software, it depends on an SMS gateway to transform and distribute your messages to receivers. An SMS gateway sends messages to your customers' mobile phone network. This portal enables companies to send and receive messages securely and rapidly through a computer. Depending on the SMS supplier, SMS gateways use distinct routings. Use a supplier that provides high-quality paths to guarantee that all your SMS communications are delivered rapidly.

What are the Benefits?

A web SMS platform provides access to a plethora of bulk SMS benefits; you can find nowhere else.

  • Fast

Text messages can easily be written in a jiffy and sent in a matter of seconds through SMS software. Mobile features such as combined areas, message templates, and contact groups make it quite fast and straightforward to create and distribute your campaign.

  • Reliability

SMS prevents unpleasant SPAM and ad blocking strategies. You can clean up the noise on a trusted and used channel for over 25 years with the help of the online messaging platform.

  • Widespread

Every smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, all are supported by an SMS. Each mobile device has a text message function integrated, whereas other message applications require the download and signup process to be completed.

  • 2-Way SMS

Using a Web SMS software helps to open the doors of communication with your customers. This technology facilitates the management, filtering, and organization of incoming messages. Improve productivity by implementing trigger keyword, automatic opt-outs, and auto-replies.

What Can You Use it for?

As mentioned above, a Web SMS Platform is used to send text messages, but what precisely are companies using it for?

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS means SMS messages containing essential information, processes as well as services. It doesn't contain any promotional or marketing material. The most common use of Transactional SMS is to increase customer experience and internal procedures. Some examples are as follow:

  • Welcome Messages

  • Confirmation of Orders

  • Product Delivery Information

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Booking Reminders

  • OTP (One Time Password)

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is regarded for any publicity or promotional content sent to customers via text messages. These are permission-based messages that mean that consumers need to "opt-in" to get them. SMS marketing is correctly used to give a boost to sales and engage customers with the brand. Some examples include:

  • SMS Coupons

  • Promotional Deals

  • Flash Sales

  • Alerts & Notifications

Pricing Details

There are some Web SMS Platforms -offering free signing up - but charge for the messages you send. Just spend a few cents and start sending messages. To decrease the cost, send in bulk and stay connected with their sales team to find out your options.

SMS Broadcaster - A Reliable SMS Platform

SMS Broadcaster is the world's leading SMS solutions provider with the most advanced and features-enriched machine that can guide hundreds of thousands of SMS in real-time. Some of the excellent features - offered nowhere else include, auto switch operator, most extended character (up to 1200), built-in Wi-Fi, built-in frequency finder, voice call, one stops control website, GPS, plug & play and many more. Every single product is manufactured via strict quality control and checked thoroughly before sending it to you.

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