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Explained, What is eCommerce and How Does It Work?

Have you heard that E-commerce will reach US$200 billion in 2026? Many countries have blooming eCommerce. Now we will talk about “What is eCommerce and How Does it work?”.

What is eCommerce and How Does It Work?

From small businesses to giant companies, eCommerce has already capitalized the industry. If it doesn’t make sense, I am sure that you know about the process of selling and buying products using websites or any platform on the internet. Yes, that is what eCommerce is.

There are a lot of opinions that eCommerce has boomed during COVID-19. Yes it is true. Actually before the pandemic started, there were already thousands of online stores that you could visit anytime and anywhere.

eCommerce has become a help during the pandemic to make small businesses especially survive. Either the owners or consumers had no option but to use and embrace eCommerce to fulfill their needs.

This marketing strategy presents the opportunities for every business and brand to thrive online. The system that works on eCommerce platforms is likely the offline store. The principle is the same but only the type of store. Here is how eCommerce works.

1. Accept

First thing to do is to let your customers come to your store. The customers will pick something and place an order on the website or eCommerce platform. The stuff they choose has to be stocked to be bought.

If the size or color choice (if it necessary) has been picked, the customers will check it out. Software will confirm about the checkout things. You will get notified if the order is already placed.

2. Process

The next step is to get payment done but the buyers. After that sale is logged and marked complete. Payment transactions are commonly processed through the online equivalent of the cash register that is chosen by the customers.

If the payment is done, it is your turn to make the things or stuff the customers pick ready. You must pack it safely. Then, send it to any shipment. You trust.

3. Ship

Last but not least is shipment that must be done quickly. Or at least the same as the span based on what your customers choose. This step will decide the loyalty of the long term customers, so make it good.

What is eCommerce and How Does It Work?

What are the 3 types of e-commerce?

After knowing “What is eCommerce and How Does It Work?”, we need to know that there are a lot of examples and types of eCommerce. The next question is what is ecommerce and examples? Examples of eCommerce are Amazon, Shopify, Ali Express, Tokopedia, and Shopee.

Whereas ecommerce broadly alludes to the thought of offering products and administrations online, there are distinctive sorts of eCommerce. Ordinarily characterized by who is doing the offering and who is doing the buying.

If you're beginning an eCommerce trade, understanding these distinctive sorts of eCommerce is fundamental to characterizing your commerce and recognizing your market.

1. Business to Consumer (B2C)

The common form of eCommerce is that engaged in business to consumers. This type can sell many different things and take many forms. The target market of this type is always individual consumers.

2. Business to Business (B2B) – Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

B2B type is selling services and products along with the companies. This type commonly sells things in larger quantities and transactions. eCommerce allows the company to reach a larger audience and potential buyers.

Unlike the B2B, C2C is involving customers only. It is a model for one-off transactions or smaller amounts of sellers. It can be used to make larger businesses.

3. Consumer to Business (C2B)

This may sound a bit off. But there are chances for the customers to join the transactions as the owner of something. For example, you can be a logo designer for the company to boost the website traffic.

The main benefits that you can take is to allow contact with the customer flexibly and to expand the audience. This will open the opportunity to make your business bigger at the same time. It also helps you identify your potential customers.

You can send notification to the customers if you have something new. It will be effective for your business. If you are trying to sell products, you can easily go to the internet.

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