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WhatsApp Recovery File to Restore Missing WhatsApp Documents

Users of WhatsApp are using the app to send messages, make video and voice calls, and send documents as well. You can send any type of file through this app, including DOC, TXT, PDF, audio, video, and image files. Some users need to know whether there are WhatsApp recovery file features.

Though WhatsApp is an excellent app to send documents, some users may lose data from the app. What will you do if you lose a document or a file from this amazing chatting app? Learn some steps you can take to recover your files from WhatsApp and get them back.

Reasons for Losing Documents from WhatsApp

WhatsApp will not delete files automatically without certain factors. If you are losing files from WhatsApp, one of the reasons below may be the cause of the loss.

1. Unreliable antivirus app

Many smartphone users installed an antivirus app on their smartphones. The app is going to work by scanning the smartphone repeatedly so that it can protect the phone from malware infection. If it figures out any malicious file, it is going to delete the file without warning WhatsApp users.

2. Accidentally deleting documents

Another reason why you need to use the WhatsApp file recovery app to restore deleted files is because WhatsApp users accidentally delete their own documents. Many smartphones can now multitask, and some users of WhatsApp accidentally tap delete instead of copy.

3. A virus attack

A virus can do many things to a smartphone. For example, a virus can cause a device to go blank, malfunction, or freeze for a moment. A virus can also damage files on a smartphone, such as PDF files, WhatsApp documents, photos, videos, and more.

WhatsApp Recovery File

WhatsApp Recovery File on iPhones and Androids

Different tools are ready to help you recover WhatsApp files easily. Those apps can be installed on your iPhone, Android device, or personal computer. One of those amazing apps is iMyFone ChatsBack. It is a special software to recover WhatsApp documents you just lost.

The software comes with awesome features. One of them is a feature that’s going to retrieve deleted WhatsApp attachments and messages directly from iTunes backup, Google Drive backup, or Android or iPhone devices. It will also recover WhatsApp data easily to the PC. How to use the software?

  • Launch this WhatsApp recovery file software on your computer and then connect your smartphone to the computer.

  • Now you will have to choose the Recover WhatsApp Data from Device Storage option.

  • If your phone is an Android, hit Start and the app will scan the phone. Enter your phone number and verify it after scanning.

  • But if you’re an iPhone user, select WhatsApp Messager then click Start.

  • After analyzing the entire database, you can select WhatsApp documents to recover.

That’s it, all the missing documents from WhatsApp should be recovered and be ready to use again.

Some Other WhatsApp Recovery File Options

There are some other options to recover documents from your WhatsApp. For example, you may want to recover your media and files via Google Backup. Here are several easy steps to take to recover deleted WhatsApp documents via Google Backup.

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and then reinstall it again.

  • Now you will have to verify your phone number.

  • Tap Restore when the app asks to restore your chat and media history.

All documents and chats you previously uploaded to Google Drive will be downloaded again. Now that everything has been restored, the entire data you need will be displayed in the chats. However, there are some rules to follow to get all the data back from Google Drive.

First of all, you must use the same phone number and Google account as the one you used when creating a WhatsApp backup. Then you need to make sure that your smartphone is already linked to a Google account before you start recovering missing WhatsApp files.

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