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X Premium Ad Revenue Sharing Program for Businesses

Businesses are usually using the premium account when they join a social media platform. Twitter is now providing a premium account for businesses, called X Premium. Many awesome features have been added to the premium subscription, including the X Premium ad revenue sharing.

The ads revenue sharing feature is going to let you share revenue from the organic ads impressions of verified users in replies to any content you are posting on X. This is a special part of X’s efforts to help people earn from X.

Understanding The New X Premium Ad Revenue Sharing

Creators are going to be able to set up Creator Subscriptions and Ads Revenue Sharing independently. The ad revenue sharing will soon be globally available to creators who meet X’s eligibility requirements. How your account can be eligible?

  • Be subscribed to Verified Organizations of X Premium.

  • Have 5M organic impressions or more on the cumulative posts in the last 3 months.

  • Have 500 or more followers.

Once your account becomes eligible for the premium ad program, you will need a Stripe account. X is working with Stripe as the payment processor. If you want to get paid, then you will have to get a Stripe account. Eligible X Premium accounts must also adhere to the Ads Revenue Share Terms.

Many things are detailed in the Ads Revenue Share Terms. For example, there are creator monetization standards as well as the X rules everyone should follow.

 X Premium ad revenue

How The Ads Revenue Sharing Feature Works

All eligible verified organizations and X Premium subscribers can get access to revenue share as long as they join after meeting the eligibility criteria. You can apply for both Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions by accessing monetization in X Settings. Here’s how the feature works.

1. Join and set up payments

If you are eligible for X premium advertising program, you can join and then start setting up payments from the app’s monetization section. You can find the section on Android and iOS’s side menu and the web version’s overflow menu.

2. Set up an account

The X Premium ad revenue sharing feature allows you to click the “Join and Setup Payouts” section. After clicking the section, X Premium is going to redirect you to Stripe, the X Premium’s payment processor. Then, you should start setting up a Stripe account to receive the share.

This Stripe account is going to let you transfer funds you get from X Premium to the external bank account you are using.

3. Receive payouts

After opting into the brand’s revenue-sharing feature, you are going to receive payouts regularly, as long as you have generated over USD10. Please note that X may cancel or modify this program at any time. Make sure that you always comply with the terms of the ad revenue program by X Premium.

Users of verified organizations and X Premium can withdraw from this X Premium ad revenue program by contacting X Paid Support. Use the support to notify X that you are going to stop receiving payouts.

If Your X Account Is Flagged for Review

If the X account you use for business is flagged for review, consider an appeal. For example, if there’s a notification about your payouts being paused because the X account you have is being flagged for review, you can get an opportunity to appeal in 30 days.

To appeal, write to X simply by responding to the email X will send to you with evidence that the program you are joining must be restarted. If you don’t appeal in 30 days or if X rejects the appeal, you must restart the premium services because you will become ineligible.

Promote Your Brands Conventionally

X Premium can give you revenue from promoting your brands to loyal customers and potential customers who have an X account. If your target customers don’t have an X account, you need to reach them by using a traditional method, like using the Hitech Terminal Enterprise device.

This is a very special device from SMS Broadcaster. With this extraordinary device, your marketing team will be able to broadcast promotional SMS messages to the nearest people. Combine this conventional marketing method with online marketing on social media to gain much more revenue.

Get to know every detail about the X Premium ad revenue sharing program from the help centre of Twitter before joining in.

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