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  • Come with 2 GSM BTS and can send to 2 Operators simultaneously
  • Come with built in 5G Jammer (this is not 5G BTS Transmitter and Receiver)
  • SMS Character: 400 Characters
  • Speed: Up to 20.000 SMS / hour*
  • Radius: up to 300m - 2km*
  • Multiple Access: ✅
  • Wifi Built-in: ✅
  • 100% Free: ✅
  • Sender Number Unlocked: ✅
  • Portable: ✅
  • Car Support: ✅
  • Unlimited Task: Limited to 5 Task
  • Multiple Operator: ✅
  • Multiple ARFCN: Single
  • Sender Name: ✅
  • Plug & Play: ✅
  • IMSI Cacher: ✅
  • IMEI Cacher: ✅
  • Real Count : ✅
  • Flash Messages ✅
  • Come with the Built-in 5G Jammer  and 9 pcs Antennas (Can Sending Maximum Fast to Nearby 4G and 5G Phones with limited range only), for another option you can buy Enterprise One and Buy Jammer separately, because with separately Jammer, Jammer can work more optimal buy standalone power and moveable to target. For purchasing jammer please click at Supporting Devices


*) Speed and Radius vary depending on your surrounding environment and the crowd of Peoples in your area. 


Beware of dishonest sellers who promise a much faster sending speed and radius, but in reality they are just doing fake count in there.


Machines of the same size are impossible to get a larger radius and speed. 

Hitech is a leading of this field are using the best hardware and the latest software for this field.


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