4 Ways Your Real Estate Business Can Use SMS Marketing Services

The primary purpose of employing SMS marketing services into your real estate marketing campaign is to create a database of potential buyers in order to generate as well as entice more leads. In this folio, we are going to share some of the best ways you can make use of SMS marketing to improve your sales process and drive more traffic to your company.

Property Information via Automated SMS Alerts

When selling a property listing, it becomes crucial that you address the inquiries from your potential prospects in an appropriate and swift way possible. Therefore, a great idea is that you set up an event-triggered SMS campaign, also called as SMS auto-responder campaign, to send them property details automatically through a text message using short codes. You might pick a keyword like “house 18” for your property and ask your potential leads to text that keyword to a particular number such as 50188 to get a message, containing full details about that house, back to their mobile phones. When sending details about a listing on sale, include typical items including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, major amenities, square footage, and price.

Keep Your Potential Customers in Loop with Text Updates

Since all the statistical pieces of evidence speak about the high open rate of SMS than emails, all you need to do is use SMS marketing services to create a real estate text marketing campaign by encouraging your potential prospects to opt-in to your campaigns through texting. Same as discussed earlier, you need to pick a keyword and prompt people to text that keyword to a given number to join you in a convenient manner. Let a vast majority of people have information about this opportunity by posting the keyword on property signs, social media, email signature, business cards, and not to mention, your website.

When the people have opted-in, you can add them to your contact list and send them SMS updates about new property listings, open houses, community events, and things like price changes to keep them interested and in the loop with your business. This can prove a powerful strategy especially when it comes to leads generation because you entice them up with exciting offers and interesting prices.

Move Your Services Forward with Virtual Business Cards

SMS marketing allows you to create a virtual business card by sharing your personal information, company details, and link to your mobile-friendly site. Let’s your potential prospects pass by your listing every once in a while and they are interested in getting through to you directly. What you do is post a specific keyword like AgentSmith that people can text to a particular phone number or just a 5 to 6 digit number which your prospects can remember easily. It’s another great way to enable people to receive a text message back with your contact information such as your name, email, phone number, and a link to your website when they text you the keyword mentioned by you.

Remind Clients of Rental Appointments

Communication is the ideal way to keep your current customers and potential leads happy and engaged. Various studies have revealed the fact that the amount of “no shows” are reduced considerably if you send them proper reminders about the rental appointments. When you remind them of important appointments such as meetings, showings, and open houses, you’ll be adding more value to your business and this also means the less wastage of time for your real estate company. Just schedule your campaign with all the important dates and have a peace of mind through a well-organized communication with your target clients.

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