5 Important Steps to Creating an Effective Real Estate Text Marketing Strategy

In one of our previous posts on real estate marketing, we described how text message marketing can change the game for your business. To reap the benefits SMS marketing has to offer, however, you will need to build out an effective text marketing strategy for your real estate business. Here are the five steps you will need to focus on:

1) Find People Whom You Want to Target

All the marketing strategies and campaigns rely heavily on the buyer personas to whom a business wants to connect with and sell their services. So just like any other business, you also need to define a target audience by listing all the details about people who could be your ideal customers. For instance, if your real estate company is looking to sell student accommodations, you would need to have a well-defined document that might list such details as people aging 18 to 25, having less than $15,000 to spend, living in close proximity to the local college, and so on.

Once you have listed all such information, it’s almost half the battle because you can now easily determine and target the kind of people good for your business with location based mobile marketing or otherwise.

2) Capture the Client Information

Once you have determined the buyer personas for your real estate SMS advertising campaign, the next big step is to capture the information of those potentials buyers. You can be capable of collecting your client’s information by using some other marketing strategies to your advantage.

In this regard, for example, you can consider running a Facebook advertisement, using all the clearly defined details about your target audience, to encourage people to complete a form (while offering them some incentives to do so). After you have collected the information, it’s inadvisable to push the “send” button right away. Before sending your prospect an email or text message, you must have to ask for their explicit permission through opt-in, otherwise, you may land yourself a heavy fine or an unhappy customer.

3) Invest in a Text Marketing Software

While you may think of choosing a new mobile phone device to get your new promotional messages across, it’s a pretty wise decision to opt for a text marketing software. It could seem a bit higher investment but could save you a lot of time and money on the road.

SMS marketing platform comes with a lot of advantages to you. It can enable you to blast SMS to thousands of customers in the blink of an eye. When sending SMS messages, you can personalize your texts while tracking different metrics after the send, like open rate and response rate. Check out SMSBroadcaster.com product selections to find a tool that suits your needs.

4) Come up with the Right Text Messaging Frequency

Have you come to grips with the newly brought text marketing software? Amazing! Now it’s your time to select a text messaging frequency for your SMS campaign or strategy. You will want to reflect upon the particular time and day(s) of the week to direct your messages to the buyers.

The right frequency is imperative to the success of any marketing strategy. If you text your customers around 11-ish in the night, it could possibly frustrate some people because they are likely to go to bed at that time. On the other hand, if you deliver them a promotional message at 5 pm, they are less likely to get irritated and may feel this time appropriate to receive and respond to your communication. Try to send messages when you think they will not be quite busy. Just be patient and put some careful thought into your schedule as well as customers’ behaviors and response to find the perfect frequency.

5) Perfect your Marketing Messages

Last but not least, pay laser-sharp attention to what you’re sending and why you’re sending a message without rushing things off.

Perfecting your message before sending means it has no spelling mistake, is relevant and timely, and replicates the language of your ideal customer. Only then your sales messages will have a high impact.

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