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Best Social Media 2022 Recommendation

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If you are someone who wants to always follow the latest trends or access information that has just happened in various sectors, then social media is a mandatory platform that you must have on your smartphone or device. There have been many social media claims that have sprung up a few years ago. This time, we will discuss further about the best social media 2022.

Knowing the best social media currently available can help you find out which information or entertainment platform is the most accessible and complete right now. Several social media platforms have gained popularity since their launch until now. Check out more complete information in the discussion on the best social media 2022 below.

What Is The Most Popular Social Media Platform 2022?

best social media 2022

Facebook still holds the position as the best social media in 2022 with the most active users. This is certainly not surprising. This platform, which has emerged since the early 2000s, has become one of the pioneers that has significantly changed the world of entertainment and business.

Facebook was discovered by Mark Zuckerberg initially only as an internal platform for messaging and communication between Harvard students. But along with its development, this platform eventually became the first social media platform that continues to grow and thriving to date, after 2 decades since its launch.

Facebook has become a reference and pioneer for all world technological developments. Just yesterday, Facebook launched Metaverse, which allows users to explore the real digital world and build “lives” in that world.

What Is The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform In 2022?

Previously, Facebook was named the best social media 2022 based on the large number of active users, this time we will judge from the development of the most rapid users. Tiktok is a social media platform from China, a subsidiary of the most successful startup Byte Dance.

The Tiktok platform has been named one of the best social media 2022 due to the growing number of users who continue to grow at a very fast rate.

This platform began to gain popularity in 2019. The Covid 19 pandemic which made everyone have to stay at home became one of the golden gates for Tiktok to achieve their success. As more people stayed at home, they looked for entertainment from online sources, and finally landed on Tiktok.

Algorithms and social media systems that are very addicting to its users are the main things that make Tik Tok continue to gain popularity and the number of users continues to soar over time.

What Is The Newest Social Media Platform 2022?

One of the most recent social media is Club House. This platform was first released in March 2020. Club House is an audio application that allows users to listen and have conversations with various people around the world.

In 2021 after a few months of its launch, there is a very significant improvement for its users. In 2021 after a few months of its launch, there is a very significant improvement for its users. This is because many international public figures, even Elon Musk, have entered the Club House and chatted directly with their fans.

At the beginning of its launch, this application gained popularity because it allows people to communicate directly with celebrities or people who have a large enough social media platform. However, unfortunately, this application is starting to be abandoned because its main features are starting to be imitated by other platforms such as Twitter, so that this application is not so attractive anymore.

Which Social Media Is The Best 2021?

There are still tons of platforms from previous years that will remain popular in 2022. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to be the best social media that people use.

In 2021, Facebook still holds the title as the best social media platform. Indeed, since its launch, the position of Facebook is still not replaced by other platforms.

Instagram, which has been purchased by Facebook, continues to reach the second position as the most popular social media platform. Instagram itself is used more and is more recommended for those of you who want to see the latest trends or the newest information.

Instagram experienced a peak in 2014 until now. This platform has helped bring about various cultures, trends, and also the "influencer" business sector.

Earlier, we discussed the best social media 2022. Facebook and Instagram are the 2 best social media platforms with the most number of users. Also check out other information about social media on our website.

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