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How to Make Money Online with Google

Updated: Aug 30

In this day and age, people can make money from anywhere and anytime. Many people are already doing full time jobs from home and determining their own working hours. One platform that allows you to do this is Google. If you are interested, you can read further explanation about how to make money online with Google here.

Google itself is one of the largest online-based companies in the world. There have been so many products that Google launched and achieved success. Not only to achieve business success, Google itself also has a goal to help humans in all their daily lives. For that, it is not surprising that you can make money online with Google.

Can I Earn Money from Google Online?

make money online with Google

Yes, you can make money online with Google in a fairly easy way. There are already a lot of people who are helped and get a full time job by working online through Google.

Google itself has a lot of products and platforms that provide a means for you to earn money in various ways. One of the most widely used and most popular ways is through Youtube.

Youtube is one of Google's most successful product platforms. With this platform, you can create videos and upload them for people from all over the world to watch. If the videos you make get a lot of viewers, then you can place ads on your videos and get adsense from Youtube.

The number is also not kidding, there are so many content creators who have become millionaires just because they posted videos on Youtube. And this career is quite promising, so there are lots of people who quit their conventional jobs and turn to be content creators on Youtube.

How Can I Earn Money from Google?

In addition to using Youtube, there are actually many ways you can make money online with Google. Not only posting videos, you can also create a website with lots of visitors and set up adsense so that every time your site is visited, you will get royalties from Youtube.

If you are someone who likes to write or create content, then this field will be perfect for you. You can become a blogger and create your own website. Create a website that is interesting, so that it will invite many people from all over the world to see your website and read the content you share on it.

How Can I Make $100 A Day?

It must be everyone's dream to be able to make a lot of money at once in just 1 day. But the dream is not impossible to achieve. With the help of various online platforms, especially Google and its various subsidiaries, you can make that dream come true.

With the various ways that have been shared earlier, be it through Youtube or becoming a blogger, you can earn up to $100 a day, or even more.

The amount of money you get will of course depend on the number of people who view your content and how large a follower base you have on your platform. If you are consistent and put your time into it, surely over time your platform will develop well.

Not only that, if you are already a well-known creator or blogger, then usually you will automatically gain popularity. And this will make it possible for you to get brand deals and endorsements that will bring you even more profits.

How Much Does Google Pay per 1000 Views?

The money you will get through your adsense varies, usually depending on various factors but one of the main factors is the country of your website or platform base. If you come from a developing country, the pay you will get is different from people in a developing country, especially the US.

They will pay creators from developing countries around $4 to $6 per 1000 views on your platforms, and if you are in a developed country, then you can earn up to $17.

However, this amount also depends on the platform you use, the nominal only applies to bloggers, and of course it will be different if you are a creator on Youtube.

This was a brief discussion about how to make money online with Google. If you want to become a content creator and quit your full time conventional job, then you can try to build a platform on Google.

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