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Try Google for Business Tools

If you're looking to develop a small business or your company to be even bigger, you can use Google for business. One of the most recommended tools for you is Google My Business. This platform is a platform specifically designed by Google to help your business get recognized online, especially at Google itself.

In addition, there are actually a lot of tools specifically provided by Google to help you run your business and market it digitally. For that, see further discussion about Google for business here.

Is Google Business for Free?

With this business account, you can access various special tools provided by Google for business. Starting from a personal business profile, business web page, and also various tools that can help you to develop your business digitally.

Although you can still access these various tools for free, there are several premium features that you can unlock by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Almost like all general Google products that have premium access such as Youtube, Gmail, or Gdrive, these various Google for business tools are also optional. So the feature can still run smoothly even if you don't have a subscription.

Even so, we still recommend you to purchase a subscription so you can access various premium features that are worth the price.

Premium features will give you more convenience and choice of tools when it comes to your business needs. This can also be a good investment for the development of your business.

How Do I Access My Google Business Page?

You can access your business page on Google very easily. There are two different ways and options if you want to access your business page, here are the two ways.

1. Accessing As A Visitor

If you want to see your business page on Google as a visitor and see how people view your page, then you can just search for your business name. Once you have a business page with the name of your business, every time people search for your business name, your business page will also appear automatically.

You just click on the link from the search results, and you will be directed as a visitor on your own business page.

2. Accessing As An Owner

If you want to access your business page as the owner of the business page, then you just need to find the hosting that you use for your web page. Log in to the web hosting using your account, then you will immediately be able to access your business web page as the owner.

What Is Google My Business?

google for business

As has been said before. Google My Business is one of the features of Google for business that can help your business. (Also check other top products by Google here). The main purpose of this tool is to optimize and maximize the performance of your business profile on Google.

One of the things that business owners like the most from Google My Business is its ability to be able to display your business name directly as a pop up Google Maps recommendation that is usually found in some special searches on Google.

If you use Google often, you may have searched for "the next restaurant here" or "the nearest supermarket" and so on. With Google My Business, you can register your business location so that when someone searches for the products you offer through Google around you, your business name will appear immediately.

What Can You Do With Google My Business?

Not only does it show your business in the recommendations of nearby places, but Google My Business itself also provides many other tools that are very beneficial for your business.

With these tools, you can engage more with customers or people who are interested in your business. People can ask questions and you can also answer them, later the questions and answers will be posted publicly. So that people no longer need to ask the same questions that have already been answered.

In addition, this Google for business tool also provides a column for the public to provide ratings and comments for your business. If you want to gain popularity and appear on the top list, then you can try to build a good image and service and attract people to review you there.

In conclusion, Google for business can give you many benefits. So, try it out.

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