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Why Is Google A Successful Company? Find The Reason Here

Almost everyone knows about Google, everyone who uses digital tools and is also involved in digital platforms must be familiar with this one company. Its success is unquestionable. Why is Google a successful company?

There are many factors that make Google get the title as one of the most successful and well-known companies today. With its various product lines, Google can reap fantastic profits every day. Find the reason why Google can become a successful company here.

Google's Success Factors

why is Google a successful company?

Why is Google a successful company? To answer the question, we must first know what indicators make Google a successful company. Well, knowing this is actually very easy.

Google's success can be observed by everyone and anyone. You can see for yourself that nowadays almost all people who use smartphones must use Google at least once in their life. Most of us even use Google religiously in our daily lives for various needs.

Google is famous for its search engine that can provide any information that you might want to know. From professional stuff to even tiny little information, everything is available on Google. Not only that, Google also offers many other products such as Youtube, Gmail, G-Drive, and various other products that are no less popular.

So do not be surprised if we call Google as one of the most successful, profitable, and popular companies in this world nowadays. So, how did they achieve that status? There are many factors that you should know, here are some of them:

1. Google is Revolutionary

When you think of search engines, you probably immediately mention Google. In fact, the word Google itself has been used as an unofficial substitute for the search engine. So when people mention Google in their daily life, they will refer to the search engine system from Google.

This factor is one of the factors why Google can become a company of this magnitude, because they are revolutionary. If you look at the history of Google, you will realize that back in the day, Google became one of the first search engines in the world.

Even now, although there are also several other search engines that have started to appear, Google is still more preferable and used by many people compared to these other search engines.

Therefore, Google as a company can implement a monopoly strategy, where it becomes the market leader for search engine needs, as well as other needs that they just released as their product a few years ago.

Some of the products that they have like Youtube, Gmail, and also Gdrive have also become pioneers in their respective fields and dominate the existing market. So do not be surprised if Google is a very successful company.

2. Innovative

Google (alongside with Facebook) is a company whose technological innovation sophistication is unquestionable. Google becomes one of the power companies when it comes to Google. This company has presented a lot of technologies that have completely changed human life since its release.

Through their various lines of products, Google has succeeded in holding a very large influence in human life in this digital era. Especially since a few decades ago, since the increase in the use of digital media, it has become deeper and wider.

Why are Facebook and Google so successful? This question might pop up in your mind. The reason is as mentioned before. Facebook and Google have a lot of resources needed to be able to make various cutting-edge and great breakthroughs in the digital world like no other.

How Long Has Google Become One of The Most Popular Search Engines

There is actually no fixed timeline to determine when Google will become one of the most popular companies in the world, because Google's development in some countries may be different from their developing central country such as the United States.

However, it can be said that Google has become a successful and popular company since the digital world began to have a big influence on human life.

Google began to experience an increase in usage and profit since people began to be able to access the internet easily.

So, why is Google a successful company? You already know some answers for it.

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